42 Day Blooming Humans Solstice Unity Wave

Excerpt From Stacey Robyn and the Blooming Humans Ground Crew: Dreamseeding Our Now Reality With Every Breath of Life

Our waking, sleeping and lucid Dreams “seed” our reality with insight, guidance, and healing medicine. In this realm of open possibility, and bending realities, our dreams also gift us space to use our super powers.

As we move through life’s purifications and initiations (aka Super Power activations!) our expanded, magnified, purified vibration creates a resonance field. This field attracts Beloveds who are ready to activate their gifts and embody this Light, power, and presence too. Thus, we are gifted multitudes of opportunities to choose wisely — to consciously empower what we wish to experience, gift and receive in the world — and be fully realized in our Passion, Power and Purpose.

Our collective initiations are now fully activating our gifts, our DreamSeeds — Our SUPER POWERS! As we grow forward and consciously release our gifts into the world, we embody our Highest Expression of Truth and Joy. This empowers us to serve, prosper and inspire All Beloveds to fully actualize our unique gifts, powers and DreamSeeds, too. This is how we add ‘Peace’ our Great Coming Together!


So, Beloveds, Let’s Ask Ourselves:

How are we using our Super Powers?
What are we empowering, lending our energy to?
What DreamSeeds, projects or visions are we ready to activate and manifest?

Or Simply This:

What makes your Heart Bloom?

To honor the wisdom of the dream, and leverage the potent cosmic forces currently in play, we’re initiating a 42 Day Blooming Humans Solstice Unity Wave.

We begin New Moon, May 10th, ending June 20th … on the Solstice! We also have two eclipses and the Taurus Moon to accompany us through the journey. More on this to follow … For now, imagine this … together we’re building a mass resonance field to super-charge the realization of our gifts, dreams and powers … beginning and ending a 42 Day journey as One Heart.

We get growing on May 10th. Join us here ===> www.bloominghumans.com

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