The Truth Behind the Boston Bombings and the “Industrial Accident” in Texas

CAC Reading April 20, 2013:
Will Berlinghof Interpreter; Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof Energizer


      Awareness, in the wake of the Boston bombing and the industrial accident in Texas, could you please comment on these events and their implication?

Cosmic Awareness:

      This Awareness immediately states that both of these events are more than they seem. As to the event in Boston—the heinous crime that was committed in the attack against innocent citizens who were there to support friends and family and to enjoy the festive occasion of the Boston Marathon, that this was a target chosen specifically for this reason, that a large amount of people would be there and subject to an attack.

      This was not an opportunistic event of two disgruntled brothers who chose to vent their anger at America by choosing to place two explosive devices that were meant to maim and kill. While it is being presented that the two brothers of Chechnyan origins were the guilty ones—one hunted down and killed, the other captured—it was not what it seems, and there was high level planning behind this event, and the two brothers that were scapegoats, that were to be the offering to the public by those who were guilty for this event, were not truly the ones responsible for this action.

      This Awareness will not go into extreme details about this for there are many sites that are presenting information that is contrary to what is being presented to the public and is being swallowed by the public as to the guilt of the two who have been offered up. This Awareness recommends that for those who are interested, that they do their research, they go to one or two or several of these various sites where other explanations are offered up.

      Even though the two alleged perpetrators were identified as one wearing a black hat, the other wearing a white hat, this matter is not as black and white as it seems to be. These two individuals are what this Awareness would call mind-controlled subjects in this event. It is pointed out by this Awareness that had this been truly an action of revenge by these two brothers or an expression of their anger at America and the American people, had they been true terrorists, they would have planned their actions more carefully. They would have had an escape route planned. They would never have gone and robbed a convenience store, bringing them to the attention of the police and the authorities.

      It is all too simple, and this Awareness asks one and all to question what has been offered. One needs to ask the question: Who does this best serve? Who benefits the most from the actions of these two alleged home terrorists? When one asks this question one will see that there are mitigating factors involved, for if it was only an opportunistic act of two brothers, they were not very enlightened on how to avoid capture. They were not very clever in their actions.

      True terrorists, or even others who may have been assigned these tasks would have made sure that their escape route was already planned. They would not have stayed in Boston to be discovered, and they most assuredly would not have robbed a convenience store, drawing attention to them. What is served by this action is that it has created yet again another level of fear and angst in the American people.

      As David Icke has often pointed out, when events of this nature occur, those who have truly planned it have an ulterior motive. In this case the ulterior motive is to escalate the sense of fear and terror in the American people so that they can be even more easily controlled. A problem occurred and the people demanded action, demanded a result, and a solution was then offered up. The solution in this case is the high military and police activity surrounding this event.

      When one views the news reports it is clear that in the control of the populace that a police state was in effect. The control of over 4 million people was one that also was an experiment in seeing if the masses could be controlled, if they would accept such a heavy duty response, one that denied them personal liberties and freedoms. This was satisfactorily answered for those behind this act, and they have taken one step forward in establishing a police state. They have escalated the level of fear in the populace and now the populace are about to ask for further sanctions to be passed, certain controls to be brought forward that would prevent such terrorists from doing such a thing again.

      Of course this is an illusion, for there will always be those who will commit such atrocities, whether planned by certain authorities or on an individual level, but what is sought here, what was manufactured here was a new level of police action that will now be considered the new norm. This black and white action, the perpetration of this atrocity by alleged inland/ homeland terrorists is also designed to create the demand for greater control of inland/homeland individuals who could be called terrorists, but who would this include?

      It would include every citizen, man, woman and child in the United States, for the blanket response, the actions of the authorities did not differentiate terrorist from citizen, for the citizens themselves were very much treated as a criminal element, possible assailants to the safety of one and all.

      Therefore, the response needed to be one that treated all as potential terrorists in order to catch the ones that were alleged to have caused this heinous crime, this assault on the American people. It is not only the people in Boston itself that have been affected, but all Americans from coast to coast who are now of the impression that they are under attack by outside forces and inside forces. They will be more willing to accept sanctions that may be presented or actions taken by a government to “ensure their safety” than they would have been before this event.

      Therefore, this Awareness again repeats that this was an event that is far beyond what is being presented on the 6 O’clock News and as a social experiment it has achieved results for the Powers That Be, who are planning an even more present police state in the United States of America.

      As for what is being called an industrial accident in Texas, this too is more than it seems. Again, this Awareness recommends that those who are interested in knowing more should do their research. Go to the sites where evidence will be presented and suggestions made that this was not a simple industrial accident. In this case, what is achieved here is again an escalation of a sense that Americans are not safe in their own homes, in their own towns and their own regions. The “industrial accident” was one that was anticipated to create great chaos and mayhem. There are factors here that bring this to the level of an event much more than a random industrial event. The concept of an industrial accident must in this case be slightly revised to that of a planned event to further work on the levels of fear and insecurity in the individual American and to create a nation ready to accept tighter controls, in this case industrial controls against factories and firms that are designated as being dangerous.

      The irony here is that there were many who have always felt that having a fertilizer-producing factory in their town was not a good idea, and that if anything ever happened it would be a disaster, which it has proven to be. The results of this industrial accident are not as obvious perhaps as the actions that took place in Boston, but still this Awareness says that this too was an event that was planned and orchestrated in advance by those who had something to gain, and again, one must ask who is best served by creating such mayhem and chaos.

      It is regrettable, that many were maimed, injured and even killed in this industrial accident and in the bombings in Boston, but this Awareness suggests that one and all look at these events not as events that emphasize how vulnerable the American people are, that they do not go into fear and panic over what has happened, but rather to understand that this escalation against the American people is indeed part of a much greater plan that the Powers That Be have long been entertaining and even planning for.

      It is imperative now that those who can question, those who can look beyond the events and the alleged perpetrators of those events, realize the hidden agenda here. It is imperative as well not to go into fear and panic, not to point the finger at those who seem to be the obvious perpetrators, but rather to sit back and consider what these actions truly mean, what will be lost if one subjects themselves to fear and panic and accepts the controls of the Powers That Be as what is necessary to ensure personal safety and security.

      True safety and security come from within. When one abdicates their responsibility for knowing the truth, and of not questioning, but only blindly accepting, that they then stand the risk of becoming victims to even greater atrocities, even greater loss of personal freedom and liberty.

      This is not a time to go into fear or panic. It is not a time to point the finger at outsiders, or foreigners or powers outside of the nation as ones that have perpetrated these crimes. It is time to look within, to find the true safety that resides within, when one does not abdicate their own personal power or even responsibility to create their own personal realities.

      It is regrettable and sad even that so many have been so horrendously injured, and that some have died from the results of these two events, but such is the madness of those in power that they are willing to sacrifice many in order to achieve their goals. Now is the time to truly look into these matters from a level of inner awareness and understanding and to see that there is a danger here of losing one’s freedom, one’s power, by giving in to the fear and to the chaos and confusion.

      In these times where many events will be taking place that challenge on many levels, it is advisable to stay calm, to stay focused, and to stay centered. It is important as well to understand that this is also part of the greater design, first on the level of those Powers That Be who are hoping to achieve a police state status for the American nation, but also part of the Divine Plan that is about the overthrow and elimination once and for all of those who control, those whose plan is not to achieve the highest state of enlightenment and understanding, but the exact opposite—to bring people down to the most primal levels of fear, anger, and panic, and from that level continue their plans to control and enslave.

      This Awareness sends Its energies to the many who have been caught up in these events, both to those who were the actual victims of these events, but also to all who are questioning their lives’, their homes’, their nation’s safety at this time. This Awareness sends Its energies to all who have been affected one way or another. This action is complete. This Awareness is at this time complete in Its message.

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