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Part I: The True Spiritual Warrior:
Moving Beyond The Shield of Smoke & Mirrors


There’s The Saying That ‘Knowledge Is Power’
BUT It’s NOT Knowledge That’s Power,
It’s The USE of Knowledge That’s Power

  • How Can We Each Instinctively Live in Common Decency,
    Recognizing What’s True and What’s Good?
  • How Can We Each Become Our Own Hero?
  • How Can We Each “Break The Spell”?

“The Saturn Effect”

This Current “Struggle Of The Ages”
Is Astrologically Indicated By Pluto In Capricorn,
Pluto Being The Luminary Of Crisis And Transformation
And Capricorn Being The Sign That Is Ruled By Saturn

Much of what’s going on is Crisis and Tranformation related to “Institutionalized Saturn Energy”: the Exposition Of and Resistance To the Imposition Of “The Orwellian State” By Those in Power who are attempting to Hang On To “The Matix Control System”.

This Scenario Being Very Saturn-Like In Its Energy
But Out Of Our “Unique Time In History”
Great Understanding Can Be Forged

But In Order To Be Able To “Break The Spell” Effectively,
We Have To Stop Deceiving Ourselves FIRST

This Goes Very Very Deep, Because We Can’t Change Anything
Unless And Until We Recognize And Acknowledge What Needs Changing

It’s very easy to HIDE Things From Ourselves,
through a form of “Wishful Thinking”…

We WISH certain things weren’t happening, so we can try to comfort ourselves by pretending that they’re NOT happening. But when we are in denial of what is, if we don’t want to believe that A Few Individuals Are Manipulating The World Into What They Want, “A Nightmare, Beyond Orwellian State”, then we are able to not only ignore the fact that it’s happening because we don’t want it to be true, but it’s also actually possible to act out anatgonistically toward others who are trying to point out what’s really happening….

If We Don’t Face WHAT IS, Both Personally And Collectively,
Then WHAT IS, Will Not Change

  • If our words and actions don’t match each other
  • If we’re subject to cognitive dissonance
  • If we’re in denial
  • If we rearrange reality so we can justify
    our words and actions to ourselves
  • Even if they don’t represent the highest and best
    of what we aspire to
  • Then we’re in a terrible mess.

And we will never be able to purge ourselves of the cognitive dissonance until we recognize that there’s stuff to be purged, as there is in all of us.

It’s Time For Us To Individually And Collectively
Address Who And What We Are

We can’t fix anything unless and until we assess what’s wrong and ACCEPT WHAT IS. Once we are open with ourselves to the point of being, each and every one of us individually, able to say “I AM WHAT I AM” and “IT IS WHAT IT IS”, then if there are things that need to be addressed, we can address them.

And Then What?
The Starting Point Is “A BLANK SHEET OF PAPER”


To make a difference, we must first clear ourselves of preconcieved ideas that limit our perception of what is possible, cloud our judgement and cloud our clarity. We need to remove the barriers of programmed belief systems and pre-concieved ideas ABOUT OURSELVES AND OUR WORLD that disconnect us from OUR NATURAL ENLIGHTENMENT. We need to symbolically take a blank sheet of paper and say:

  • “I come to this with no preconcieved ideas,
  • And I disregard any previous beliefs…
  • Information I come across
  • And what I feel my intuition is telling me
  • will my guide from now on…”

Part II: The Road Back To Freedom: The One Great Spirit

WITH QUOTES FROM:   Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman

We Are At The Crossroads

“Everything is coming to a time where prophesy and man’s inability to live on Earth in a Spiritual Way will come to a crossroad of great problems… If you’re not spiritually connected to the Earth… If you don’t understand the Spiritual Reality of how to live on Earth… It’s likely that you will not make it…We should treat all things as Spirit and recognize that we are all one family. It’s like Life, there is no end to Life.”

Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman (1936 – 2007)

Intent Will Draw To You What You Need To Experience
All The Time, Every Time

If we want to reconnect with The Cosmos, if we say to ourselves “I Want To Be Who I Really Am and Connect With All That Exists”, then your intent will draw to you the experiences that are necessary to achieve that intent, All The Time, Every Time.

Clearing Out That Cess Pit Level of Low Vibration Emotion

What we need to do to achieve that connection is to clear out that Cess Pit Level of Low Vibration Emotion, all those things that we’ve gone into denial about. Therefore, we draw into our lives people and experiences that make sure that we can no longer be in denial, because these things have to come out and be processed in order to clean out all the emotional debris that disconnects us from who we really are.

Being Prepared To Walk The Journey
By Letting Your Challenging Experiences Set You Free

  • If we’re prepared to walk the journey
  • If we’re prepared to take those challeneges
  • If we take a step back to realize that each challenge
    is an experience that can set us free
  • Rather than a negative thing to avoid
  • That these challenges help set us free by clearing us out
  • It’s important to understand that

Many Of Us Operate On Only A Fraction Of Who And What We Are

Because we’re not prepared to take those challenges and do what’s necessary to face what’s within us. We all have negative emotional debris within us to remove and process, and when we take care of that, THAT’S WHEN WE TRULY BECOME FREE

Uniting Intuition With Logic

When we follow intuition, heart guidance, connection with source, and let that be our guide, after a while, although the logical side may be silently screaming, we start to realize that although it might set up great challenges to start with, eventually we see that everthing is exactly as it needs to be to bring about the most positive outcome. And eventually, the logical mind starts to realize that every time we follow intuition, even though at first it’s a challenge, in the end it works out tremendously well.

What Happens Then Is That The Head And The Heart Come Into Sync And What We Think And Feel Become The Same Thing. That’s When We Begin To Connect With Who We Really Are And The True Nature Of Our Power To Manifest Our Own Destiny

Choice Point: Every Crisis Contains Within Itself An Opportunity

The Chinese Have A Word That Means Both DANGER And OPPORTUNITY

  • We’re Now At The Point Of That Choice
  • That’s What Life Is, It’s About Making A Choice
  • It’s About Learning From The Consquences Of One Choice
    And Making A Better Choice
  • That’s What Evolution Is
  • And We’re At The Point RIGHT NOW
    Where We Can Make Incredible Leaps
    As This 26,000 Year Cycle Comes To An End

The Next 15 Years Are Going To Transform Life On Earth

They Will Tranform The Nature Of Our Perception And They May Even Transform Some Of The Physical Earth Itself. And One Thing Is For Sure: It’s Going To Be A HUGE CHALLENGE

But ALWAYS REMEMBER That Whatever We’re Experiencing In This Moment Is Just An Experience Because We Live Forever

And No Matter How Challenging It Gets,
What Remains Constant Is That Is That WE LIVE FOREVER,
And We Need To Hold The Focus Of Who We Are

We Need To Get Out Of The “Ordinary Man And Woman In The Street And I Have No Power” HEAD SPACE And Into The “I Am Everything That Exists And I Can Manifest And Create Whatever I Want” HEAD SPACE

Because We Are Genius, But We’ve Forgotten We’re Genius,
And That’s Why Only A Few People Run The World

We can create a world dominated by hate and fear or we can create a world dominated by love and compassion. It’s just a choice and we all have the opportunity to make that choice.

  • When We Heal Ourselves, We Heal The World.
  • When We Change Ourselves We Change The World.
  • When We Love Ourselves, We Love The World.

And when we love the world, it manifests in a very different form from the one that has manifested over these thousands of years of manipulation by a select few.

And Always Remember That
Freedom Is Upon Us, It’s Time To Grasp It

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