Happy New Year 2014

New Moon, Super Moon, in Capricorn
Conjunct Pluto and Mercury on New Year’s Day!

What A Way To Start The Year!
What A Powerful Symbol Of What’s To Come In The Year Ahead!

New Moons are the Time to Set Our Intentions for the Coming Month and/or the Coming Year. Capricorn New Moons are about Moving Toward Our Aspirations and Goals with an Attention Toward the Collective Broad View. They’re About Taking Responsibility for Our Lives and Taking Stock.

This Capricorn New Moon in particular, is Aligning with the On-Going Outer Planet Aspects that are Catalyzing Rapid, and often Painful or Awkward Change. It can be easy to be Overcome by the Energy of this New Moon and either Close Down or become Overly Emotional, depending on Your Temperment. It’s IMPORTANT to Consciously Set Your Intentions to Create Conditions for Expression, Movement and Clearing Out whatever is old and no longer serves.

The Chart for This New Moon shows Vast Amounts of Energy that Pull in Many Different Directions, so it’s Important to Take Special Care in Directing the Energy. The Heart of The Matter is a Tight Stellium Composed of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto Conjunct, All Occupying Just Short of 2 Degrees, From 10 Degrees 57 Minutes to 12 Degrees 50 Minutes of Capricorn, Squaring a {Mars in Libra – Uranus in Aries | OPPOSITION}. There are EIGHT PLACEMENTS in Cardinal Signs, which means Plenty of Driving, AMPED-UP Energy. Jupiter, a little further away at 16 Degrees of Cancer, Forms a Weak Grand Cross.

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The Challenges of this Capricorn New Moon are likely to Revolve Around Holding Your Tongue as Mercury and Pluto Together with the Mars and Uranus Squares suggest that it’s easy to leap to conclusions based on fear. Whenever Mercury conjoins Pluto, words have far more weight than usual making it even more important to think before speaking. Listen Carefully to what the other person is saying before formulating your response. Choose your words carefully, as they carry more weight than usual. Rash words spoken now are likely to make more of an impact than intended, and they can’t be taken back. The opposition to Jupiter is akin to a Screaming Match unless you keep your Thoughts Firmly Under Control. With Mars and Uranus Pressing for Immediate Action, the likelihood of wild assumptions and rash decisions is increased. Negotiate For More Time if at all possible before making final decisions, especially important ones.

This is a Super Moon, because The Moon is lined up with The Earth and The Sun at The Lunar Perigee, the point where The Moon is nearest to Earth as it traces its Elliptical Path. The Sun’s Gravity pulls The Earth and The Moon into a Closer Alignment, Causing Orbital Variation. The Earth is closest to the Sun in December each year, meaning that The Sun’s Gravity Pulls The Moon Closer Toward The Earth. Because of this effect, the Largest Super Moons happen in the Northern Hemisphere Winter/Southern Hemisphere Summer.

Generally the New Moon in Capricorn is a Time to Consider Your Goals. Capricorn is Symbolised by the Goat-Fish, an Illustration of the Struggle to Get To The Top and to Give Form To Dreams. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn also a reminds us that to Get To The Top, it’s necessary To Take On Responsibilities and to be Responsible In How We Treat Others. Capricorn is Ambitious but also rules the knees, so there’s a need for humility, and In a Position of Authority, Capricorn Must Be Compassionate.

Pluto is VERY PROMINENT in this New Moon. Pluto Represents the Archetypal Energy of Death, Initiation, Rebirth and Deep, Intense Transformation. Pluto is about Power and Control Versus Powerlessness and Surrender. Death, Transformation, New Life and Great Wealth are all Gifts of Pluto.

When Pluto contacts a Personal Placement in one’s Chart, the Energy Eradicates what is no longer needed for the Soul’s Evolution, be it Personal, Collective or Both. Situations aren’t bad or good because of Pluto. It’s Our Attitude which Colors the Experience that Pluto brings to us. Many times the Ego and Soul are in conflict about what is no longer part of our Spiritual Growth. The Ego wants Stability and Known Factors, and Deep Change can be Terrifying, so the Ego attempts to hold on and control what is happening. This can cause Pain and Grief when Change Happens regardless of what the Ego wants.

The Capricorn Stellium represents the Need to Enforce the Status Quo, Which Will Be In Conflict With the Need to take Direct, Independent Action, represented by Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This T Square is likely to highlight Control Issues in Relationships. Confrontations are likely, and Relationships could be tested. But no matter how justified a break up might be, it will still hurt. Learning to Forgive Ourselves and Others is An Important Part of This Process.

To Understand This on a Personal Level, it’s best if you Know Your Chart and can Check the House(s) where the Large Stellium in Capricorn falls. That Area of Life will be Super-Energized. With Mars and Uranus Opposing Each Other and Squaring that Stellium, things are likely to get Shaken Up and/or Destabilized along the Axis of the Areas of Life represented by the Houses where they are located during this configuration.

Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that there are Two Fundamental Ways to use Our Power, for Creation or Destruction, but in order to grasp the significance of this decision we must be prepared to find the place in our lives where Destruction becomes Creation and vice versa. Creation is not always best if what we create no longer serves the greater good, and Destruction is not always bad when what we destroy that which blocks The Light.

The New Moon in Capricorn Configuration points to a coming year of Paradox and Contradiction. It points to a year when Deep Truths are likely to be revealed about the Nature of Our Collective Path and Our Relationship with Earth Itself. It points to a Paradigm of Extremes that will continue to Expand Exponentially, both Personally and Collectively: in Our Lives, Our Emotions, Our Relationships, in Earth’s Geomagnetics and Weather, and in the Political and Economic Systems around The Earth. It points to Increasing Polarization that will continue to occur. The Dynamic of Opposites, each reflecting the other on Many Levels, will force each of us to Recognize Our Contribution, Locate it Within Ourselves and Assess how best to Move Forward from it. Each of us Individually and Collectively will need to look into The Shadows and Recognize What Issues we have Yet To Address.

Because This Configuation involves the Slower Moving Placements of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, look for issues that were raised around the time of the October 4th 2013 New Moon in Libra to Echo and Recurr. And also Keep In Mind that how we Handle Issues That Come Up Now will determine the course of our Lives Individually and Events Collectively around March 30th 2014, the Time of the Next New Moon in Aries.

The Capricorn New Moon is the Best of The Year to Start Foundational Work. Capricorn is the Sign of Resolutions, Making Plans and Mapping the Course. Many already use Jan 1st as The Day of New Beginnings, but having The Strength of This Very Powerful Capricorn New Moon Gives Those Intentions the Ability to Manifest Better Than Usual. But It Also Runs The Risk of Holding Us More Accountable Than Usual, SO…

It’s Important to Take Time to Decide


Believe You Have the Ability
To Achieve Your Goals This Year.
Set The Intention That You Are
Ready And Willing To Do
What Needs To Be Done.

Clear Intentions Will Yield

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