The History of CAC

In the Beginning…

Thanksgiving 1962 saw the beginnings of the first incarnation of a community dedicated to Awareness, the Organization of Awareness, with Ralph Duby as Interpreter. People came from all across America, and a few from even further, to become a part of this organization. Among those who heard the call was a group of individuals from Olympia,Washington. This group included Avaton and Sam Millar, both of whom would go on to found the organization Cosmic Awareness Communications. Recognized for his Administrative skills and willing soul, Avaton was quickly put to work as Minister of Communications. He was later overwhelmingly elected by the other board members to the position of Membership Minister. Continuously acknowledged by Cosmic Awareness and the organization’s members as a dedicated and talented administrator, he quickly became the only person in the organization to answer directly to Cosmic Awareness.

After several severe heart attacks, the interpreter, Ralph, finally transitioned in January 1967. Awareness later said he embodied the energies of Rhyee, the original separateness, and his return to the Godhead marked the beginning of the mass energies returning from separateness and the beginning of the end for the Dark Forces’ power on Earth. After the passing of their interpreter the Organization of Awareness experienced much upheaval. Financial stress and disagreements over what information should be released lead to a splintering of the organization and its eventual collapse.

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Released With Issue #700 In August Of 2014 (PDF)

Enter the Interpreter…

CAC_sessionOrganization of Awareness ended shortly thereafter and Servants of Awareness was founded, with David Worcester as its Interpreter. This incarnation continued for 3 years, during which time Vikki T (future co-founder of CAC) became involved. David hosted an “August Affair” and at this function the future founders of CAC were approached by Paul Shockley, a man who would change their lives. Paul, seen to the left in a channeling trance, was doing Awareness readings but had no idea how to make them available for the good of all people, so they put their heads together and began to go down a path that would become a powerful force for good in so many lives.

Dad_CacAfter this time of change and transition a solidity of purpose returned. In the summer of 1971 there was a confluence of energies and entities; Avaton (deceased 2011), Sam Millar (deceased 1995) and Vikki T, answered the call to continue the work. Paul Shockley (deceased 2006) would be their Interpreter for the next 26 years. Cosmic Awareness Communications (CAC) was born.

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Released With Issue #700 In August Of 2014 (PDF)

The Work Truly Begins…

Vick_classicAvaton, Vikki and Sam started talking about non-profit organizations and decided CAC would be the next version of the organizations serving the messages of Cosmic Awareness. Their mission was to lessen the sorrow and suffering in the world, and to help their fellow humans understand their cosmic mission, leading by the example of creative love. They had found a cause to which they could and would, dedicate their time, efforts, and lives. With determination they set out to form the fledgling organization. Vikki T, seen to the left with a week’s worth of mail, handled all the paperwork. She filed and achievied the non-profit status the organization has enjoyed ever since. From the beginning Vikki T has performed the functions of Correspondence Secretary, Treasurer and Office Manager. As Editor of the newsletter and founder of Cosmic Awareness, Avaton compiled and arranged Paul’s channelings into newsletter format. Sam Millar served as the CAC Tarot Reader and Vice-President of the Organization. His abilities eventually garnered him world wide respect and recognition as a premier tarot reader. They worked hard and were rewarded with the early form of the Revelations of Awareness, the same newsletter put out today.

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Released With Issue #700 In August Of 2014 (PDF)

Creating a Foundation of Dedication…

CAC_jonSFor several years they moved through various transcribers. The work was piling up as more and more people joined their organization and before long the various transcribers were no longer up to maintaining the frantic pace. Strongbow, one of the transcribers and spot illustrators who had been with them since 1976, became the dedicated main transcriber in 1980, you can see him hard at work to the right. He later added such duties as secondary proof-reader, and started the Master Index file work in 1981. From that day to this, he has worked daily with the words of Awareness, as well as the Master Index, which now houses over 350,000 entries. Strongbow also provided radio interviews on various topics as called upon over the years. Next to Vikki T, he is the longest serving member of the CAC staff.

sam02The work continued as normal through the intense 70’s and 80’s and into the 90’s until the death of Sam Millar, seen left. After Sam passed, Lady K., who had been a tarot reader for some time, became the CAC Tarot Reader. The death of Sam Millar was not the only shift in the organization during those years. After his many years of service, Paul and CAC parted ways. With Paul gone, another Interpreter was needed and Lady K. became Grace. When Grace became the Interpreter, it was known from an earlier Paul reading that her mission would be to channel the Master Classes. “The Lessons of Enlightenment” is the form these took and is the main contribution of her time with CAC

img_0956With the shift from reading the tarot to interpreting, they had yet again to find a CAC Tarot Reader. Shortly there after, Will Berlinghof (shown at the right with his Wife and Energizer, Callista) took over doing tarot readings for CAC members, along with his counseling work.

After Grace completed “The Lessons of Enlightenment”, she decided to pursue other projects and in 2005, Avaton urged Will Berlinghof to take the next step and become Interpreter, a role he played through Sept 22, 2015.

Click Here For A Historical Look Back At CAC
Released With Issue #700 In August Of 2014 (PDF)

A Chapter Closes……..

This arrangement worked beautifully until the spring of 2011 when, early one morning, Avaton passed peacefully in his sleep. He had served CAC faithfully from its inception for more than forty years, never taking a salary.

The organization continued thanks to the generous stepping in of several volunteers, who along with Strongbow, proceeded to do their utmost to honor and fill the office of Editor, which is now permanently filled by a very busy Strongbow.

A New Chapter Opens…

MichelleBeginning in May of 2015, CAC began working with a new interpreter, Michelle. She enabled our organization to reactivate some services last offered in the Paul Shockley decades; specifically, trance healings and personalized energizing of the monthly healing services. The focus of material Cosmic Awareness is channeling through her is on the Divine Feminine, Sacred Geometry, and Heart Intelligence — a breath of fresh air and new approach for Cosmic Principles. We welcome Michelle, and look forward to a long, productive collaboration with her.

Over and over, concepts discussed in CAC readings pop up from one place or another in the culture in general—sometimes right away, sometimes years later. The impact of more than 700 issues, thousands of pages, and countless hours of readings can never be measured. The mission of CAC remains the same despite all the changes it has undergone. Though undoubtedly CAC has helped “lessen the sorrow and suffering in the world”, the work is far from complete.