Biographies: Paul Shockley

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Paul Marcus Shockley

CAC_meetingPaul was a singularly incredible man. He served as interpreter for C.A.C. for many years, helped hundreds of people come closer to knowing who, in fact, they really are and was president of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service.

Paul passed over into spirit, May 9th, 2006, and a Memorial was held at his home in McMinnville, Oregon, on May 21st. Previously a stroke, heart attack and diabetes confined him to a nursing home. He never fully recovered from these health complications.

Paul’s channel opened up many years ago when he first participated in the Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development lessons, given by Awareness through a previous Interpreter, Ralph Duby. Paul was the most prolific of all the Cosmic Awareness Interpreters. He also provided hundreds of personal readings over the years to C.A.C. members. For some 20 years Paul would drive up to Olympia once a month, spend 3 to 5 days giving readings then return to Oregon. His readings would provide a wealth of information, more than enough to keep the C.A.C. staff hopping until his next visit.

CAC_sessionAlthough Paul would periodically drop “bombshells” from Awareness, (“The Gathering Storm” scenario, massive disclosures on the Orion alien agenda, the New World Order, etc.) believe it or not, 75% or more of his channeled material concerned philosophical, spiritual and historic information. From the very beginning, Awareness indicated that the religions of the world needed to be realigned, that the real truth of “Christianity” needed to be discussed and that the difference between the man known as Jesus and the Christ Consciousness needed to be understood. An avid seeker of truth he believed that the lies and deceptions of the Catholic church needed to be exposed. Paul Shockley was a pioneer in this area with his many readings which opened the door so others could follow.

Paul’s spotlight on conspiracies, according to Awareness, influenced mass consciousness to the point that the conspirators could no longer hide their mischief, could not stand the spotlight and hopefully have changed their sinister agenda to one that can eventually benefit humanity. (For example there are over 10,000 websites on the Internet today which deal with the alien agenda and the New World Order conspiracy).

Paul_ShockleyPaul Shockley will be sorely missed by many, but the thousands of messages from Cosmic Awareness which he channeled will live forever and will serve as his legacy to humanity. Thanks to the years of diligent effort by the C.A.C. staff, these messages will be available to C.A.C. and other sources far into the future.

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