Information on Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

Excerpt From Page 11 of ‘Revelations of Awareness’ 2013-11 Issue No. 691:

“…the product known as CDS is… recommended by This Awareness for those who wish to increase the oxygen in their systems. CDS is a new derivative of what is known as Miracle Mineral Solution. This too could be used, but it is much more difficult to get the ratios correct, where CDS has been worked out so that literally one simply puts a drop in one’s water which will bring a greater oxygenation into the water, introducing more oxygen in the blood.

Many viral agents cannot handle a great deal of oxygen in the blood system. Therefore, any way that one can absorb more oxygen… would be beneficial to the individual…” ***

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11/11/2013 Google Search: “CDS new derivative of Miracle Mineral Solution” Results:

This information is being posted to answer questions from multiple members about the passage quoted above, after release of ‘Revelations of Awareness’ 2013-11 Issue No. 691.

From CureZone:

‘Educating Instead of Medicating’ …a site for open education through communication… privatly owned by a group of enthusiasts from Europe…..

How to make CDS (anyone can do it)

“…CDS stands for ‘Chlorine Dioxide Solution’ which is a derivative of MMS in the sense that a) CDS is typically made with MMS, and b) they both work from the same basic component; ‘Chlorine Dioxide’. The main difference being, that activated MMS is a reaction solution which either creates of gives off Chlorine Dioxide, whereas CDS(the Chlorine Dioxide Solution) is made-up of water injected with Chlorine Dioxide…”


Miracle 2 of Utah:

Liquid Manna…

“…MMS is a derivative of Sodium Chlorite (Stabilized Oxygen) and it is highly alkaline. When it is activated it becomes Chlorine dioxide and that is when the oxygen comes in to play. Jim Humble discovered it is the chlorine dioxide ion and a combination of chlorine and oxygen that do the work…”


From Wikipedia:

Miracle Mineral Supplement

The ‘Mainstream’ Point Of View: for a balanced perspective

“MMS is falsely and dangerously promoted as a cure for HIV, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer, and more. There have been no clinical trials to provide evidence in support of these claims, which come only from anecdotal reports and Humble’s book. In January 2010, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that one vendor admitted that they do not repeat any of Humble’s claims in writing to circumvent regulations against using it as a medicine. Sellers sometimes describe MMS as a water purifier so as to circumvent medical regulations…”

“…Sodium chlorite, the main constituent of MMS, is a toxic chemical that can cause acute renal failure if ingested. Small amounts of about 1 gram can be expected to cause nausea, vomiting and even life-threatening hemolysis in persons who are deficient in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase…”


From Miracle Mineral Trust of New Zealand:

“The MMS protocol consists of activating Sodium Chlorite, to form Chlorine Dioxide…”

“…Chlorine Dioxide has been scientifically proven, and is officially accepted to be a highly effective destroyer of pathogens, fungi, disease, bacteria and viruses.”

“It is ‘officially approved’ for this purpose; being commonly used in several brands of disease treating mouthwash, in drinking water, on food preparation areas, and even on living or harvested produce…”


From Cancer Tutor:

by R. Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF)

General Comments About the Safe Use of Chlorine Dioxide



“The Chlorine Dioxide Molecule… Is this as powerful as they say?… You may be surprised…”

“…Chlorine Dioxide is a compound that has been used to treat municipal drinking water in the United States and Europe for over 50 years. It is recognised as a superior water disinfectant alternative to chlorine and has become increasingly popular as a water purification treatment. Chlorine is being phased out due to growing concerns over its carcinogenic by-products, principally trihalomethanes (THMs). Similarly other halogens such as fluorine, bromine and iodine, some of which have been used in water treatment situations by consumers, are recognised as having unhealthy by-products…”


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