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More on Satanic Cults in Hollywood


Could you please comment on the recent death of Robin Williams, and the confusing information that was released by the authorities? Some think it was murder, and I would like to know, if so, will the names of those who murdered him be released?


This Awareness will start by saying that names will not be given due to certain issues of safety that must be considered and upheld for there is danger when one moves through this level of revelation to names of those involved. However, this Awareness does confirm that the entity known as Robin Williams was murdered and it was made to look like suicide. Having said this, there is more involved than a simple murder, for one must also look at the emotional level, the psychological level of well-being that the entity Robin Williams was in at that time.

It must be understood that often the truth does not come out regarding certain events, and certain individuals when something like this occurs, this event of the ‘suicide’ of Robin Williams, but if one truly comprehends that there is much deception and cover-up and manipulation and misdirection behind the scenes before the official ‘story’ is released in the press as ‘facts’, then one will begin to get a feeling, an intuitive feeling for what is occurring.

This is the case here with Robin Williams, but it is also the case for greater events, national events, global events that are currently being manipulated and directed to achieve certain results. Focusing on the matter of Robin Williams, it is correct that he was murdered and it was made to look like a suicide. The reason for this is that Robin Williams had certain information and knowledge about satanic cults in Hollywood, in the entertainment world. The real question is: Why did he have such information, and how did it lead to his death?

What is to be revealed at this time may not suit many who have an idealistic view of the world or in this case of Robin Williams himself, but if one is willing to look at this information and be open to think about matters in regards to celebrities such as Robin Williams and what happened to him, then one may begin to crack this shell of illusion that surrounds so much that is the ‘norm’ in this world

Robin Williams not only knew about satanic cults in the entertainment world, in Hollywood in the area he lived, he had taken part in these satanic cults and rituals on several occasions. Many celebrities have made agreements to partake in such rituals, such ceremonies, for they have been approached and promised that they will be assisted, and promoted, and their careers will be advanced when they come into ‘the family’.

But of course, this is all highly secret, and when there is one who has celebrity status to the degree that Robin Williams had, who is a threat to the secrecy of one’s organization, then something must be done. If the individual cannot be quieted through threat and through confrontation, often the more radical and permanent solution is the elimination of that person.

Robin Williams was one who posed a threat to the secrecy of the satanic ones for he was ready to come forth and declare certain things, to name names, to point the finger at these ones and he would have been listened to. The shock of course would have been such that many would have doubted him, but nonetheless, it is seen that he would generally have been believed and it would have been an action against these ones that would have dire effect on them. They could not have this and thus he was executed and eliminated but it was made to look like suicide.

Also the propaganda, the manipulation around his death was such that it suggested that Robin Williams was in an emotional crisis at that time, supporting the theory, supporting the illusion that he had committed suicide, for he had a history that would have justified and did justify this explanation; that he had chronic depression and he had slipped into a dark pit and that as a result he could not handle life any longer and committed suicide.

In truth, this was of course the cover-up, so that the investigation would not go any deeper, for if the verdict was that he was murdered and the police investigated it, then on the premise that this was a murder investigation it would have the possibility of still exposing certain ones and bringing out the truth that Robin Williams was murdered. Having said this, why did this man choose to be oppositional finally against the ones he had been in cooperation with?

The reason for this is that Robin Williams was a troubled soul, if you will. Due to his use of drugs and alcohol, he had long ago opened himself up to those energies of negativity that are present in that negative state that is created when one has substance abuse, when one’s life revolves around using drugs and alcohol and various vices to achieve some sort of escape from reality.

Furthermore, this entity Robin Williams was one who struggled all of his life between madness and genius. It is said that there is a thin line between genius and madness, and it certainly was so for this entity. He had a brilliant mind and could see life in a wonderful, zany way, and he is most noted for his wonderful wild and zany sense of humor, but he often looked into pits of darkness and despair. Often in his private life, he was tortured; especially after he was introduced to these ones, and after he participated in some of their rituals and ceremonies.

He thought, when he was so deep in despair that perhaps this would be a way forward, for his despair had much to do with these dark ones who he became connected to and part of, but he was never truly committed to them. He realized that he had done something wrong in joining this group and being drawn into it, but he was drawn in when he was in deep despair. It seems that these ones were offering him the answer, and much had to do with fame and fortune, for he was driven toward this always.

But in the end, his deeper spiritual nature could not abide by what he was involved in and by what he had become, and this became the principle arena in his life of extreme conflict, extreme vacillation between the crazy zany world he seemed to represent to so many, and a wonderful human, a loving, gifted individual, and the private hell that he was facing each and every day when he was not in the camera, and not before the audience.

This does not mean that each and every day was torture to him, but the unjustness, the imbalance in his life between how he had to be for his fans and how it was in his private life is that which was the fine line between the genius and the mad man, and that which drove him toward an attitude of deep despair and often clinical depression, as it was labeled.

But this was his life, and he had finally reached a point where he could not handle this any longer and felt that he must come forward and speak the truth despite the consequences it would have for him, for he knew that this could not continue for him and it was not right for these ones to do what they were doing – the sacrificial rituals, the torture, the sexual assault on innocent victims that were captured and used for the purposes of those who are the Satanists, those who were part of his life.

Thus, he resolved that he would go public and unfortunately, spoke this to certain ones who then reported this information onwards. This was the reason why he was murdered, although it would be safe to say at the same time that Robin Williams understood and knew that this could occur. This is one reason why he had not come forward much earlier. He was fearful for his life and the life of his family. But in the end he understood that he must come forward for his own sanity, his own peace of mind.

It would also be correct to understand that the soul of this one was so tortured with what his life had become and with the truth of the world as it really is behind the scenes, that he could not participate in life any longer. Thus it would be correct in some ways to understand that Robin Williams truly was suicidal, for he could not go on with the lies and deceptions that he was involved in. He could not go on in a world that was so grossly unfair and unjust to the many who idolized him, who believed in him and believed in what could loosely be called the American Dream.

He was sick to heart with all that he was involved in, in what was occurring not only in his own nation, but also worldwide. In fact the retreat into his craziness was one way he had of handling what he was aware of as the truth of this world, and the truth of his life. It is of course a tragedy that this one did leave this world before he came forward and thus it is that while this Awareness may explain that he was murdered, he was also in an emotional, mental and psychological state where he was ready to leave the world, and many will not believe this or accept this, for apparently there is no evidence.

This Awareness would ask therefore, that one look at the means by which his life came to an end. There is a suggestion that he was found with a belt around his neck attached to a doorknob or some projection that was not high up. This is a ritualistic killing, and several others have died this way, including David Carradine a few years ago in a mysterious death also, and that several years ago one of the Rothschilds was found strangled so in a Parisian hotel. This is one way that such ones who are being targeted as an enemy to these groups are eliminated, one way that they are ritualistically executed.

After this, there was much suppression of the truth of how Robin Williams was found, and many have been told it was a drug overdose, but the rumor persists that he was found with a belt around his neck. This would be an indicator of one who has been executed by those that he is opposing or those he has displeased for one reason or another.

One is free to believe what one will on this matter. One is free not to accept anything this Awareness has said in regards to the murder/execution of Robin Williams, for again, this is information that might challenge one. But many will feel the correctness of this information and this Awareness does now emphasize that when events of this nature occur, there is a natural feeling, a gut feeling, an intuitive reaction that often occurs that may well be oppositional to the prescribed byline that is to be believed, what has been issued by authorities, and by those in charge.

In other words, when it is reported on the television that Robin Williams was suicidal and mentally deranged because of clinical depression and that he took his own life, and then one comes forward who supports this, and stories are told about how he has struggled with this all his life, all of this is part of the greater manipulation to work the evidence to a conclusion that is satisfactory for those who have done this deed, but this does not mean that one cannot intuit such a thing, or have strong empathic feelings or sensitivity, even clairsentience that something more was involved than what was reported.

This is thus an opportunity for fine-tuning one’s intuition, even though it has to do with the unfortunate death of a very brilliant and funny man, a sensitive and caring man who opened the wrong doors and went into the wrong rooms. This is ultimately what this Awareness would say cost him his life. Thus, it does not really matter whether he was murdered or whether he committed suicide. He was ready to go. This is why he was willing to finally speak the truth, for he was willing to leave this planet.

He had become so weary, and it would please him to know that his efforts, even though they have been covered up, are still effective in bringing forth a truth that so many do not wish to look at. In the end, this one is returning back to the soul. There is seen for him as he crosses through the 4th dimensional bardo levels, certain things that must be worked out by him. It is also seen that there are energies that are around him at this time that will guide him home, guide him back into the 5th dimensional level of soul.

For those who feeling strongly about this matter and would like to help, so to speak, that one can simply image and imagine this beautiful soul returning home. This would benefit energetically in this one’s recovery and progress that the soul aspect can make and will make as it continues the journey to return back to the fullness of his spiritual being, his soul being, and return back into his spiritual soul home.

This completes the answering of this question at this time.


Thank you Awareness. Many will be glad to hear this message, especially that he is returning to the Light.


It is also interesting that Robin Williams was in the film, What Dreams May Come, which dealt with such matters as the soul returning back to a higher state of consciousness. It is seen that this role that he played will also assist him, for this Awareness has often recommended this film as one that could be used to understand what occurs upon death.

There are parts of the film, assumptions made, especially around suicide that this Awareness does not support or agree with, but it is a clue to Robin William’s death, for it is seen that he himself understood that suicide was not the answer, and that even though he was often very down and depressed and did seek to lose himself in the drugs and the alcohol, that he was never truly suicidal to the degree that he planned his own death.

This has much to do with this film and the philosophy presented in this film that he accepted at a deep level. Thus it is ironic that after being in such a film that morally and psychologically and spiritually helped this individual to have other thoughts on the matter of spiritual survival etcetera, that he would then take his own life and commit suicide when he did not truly agree that suicide was an option. He simply did not see it as such, and understood the significance and consequence of such an action.

It was not that he was worried about being punished and sent to hell, or as in the movie and in the book, that he would be lost for eternity as all suicides are. This he did not believe, but he did understand that if one commits suicide, there is followed a time of healing on what is called the Other Side, a time of reflection, a time of coming back from a deep dark place.

Therefore, again, Robin Williams did not believe in suicide as being an answer, no matter how often this is put forward in the media that he was suicidal, that he was heavily depressed and it did not surprise many that he committed suicide. These are the ones that are being used, even the family members, to convey the image that this man was suicidal and his death was not a surprise to them, when in actuality, they understood that he did not believe in suicide.

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