Merry Christmas 2013

Hidden Meanings and Alternative Messages

The Occult Science Behind The Winter Soltice
And Our Spiritual Responsibility

C.A.C. members are familiar with Elva Thompson of White River, South Dakota who runs a trading post there, and has previously appealed to us for donations on Behalf of The Sicangu Lakota People on The Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. (See “An Appeal Behalf of The Sicangu Lakota People”)

…Archonic consciousness is well aware of the inbreath and its importance to their satanic control grid. In the days leading up to, and during the Winter Solstice, the elite will be conducting satanic rituals and blood sacrifice on a massive scale across the planet…

The poisonous frequencies created by these demonic rituals flood into Earth’s electromagnetic meridians, ley lines and energetic grid, bathing all life in a matrix of hate and fear…

…Archonic beings created the separate reality of the third dimension as a trap for consciousness, and the success of their mission depends upon the frequency of the grid. Earth is an energetic farm, and people who cannot raise their consciousness above the first three chakras: security, sex and self, are the food source for these creatures…

…All of us, and everything around us, is a piece of computer software, and as long as we are instinct and pleasure driven, we will remain Archonic food. To defeat the beast we have to smash its programme in ourselves. To do this, we have to move into the fourth chakra… The vibrations of love are an anathema to these creatures; they cannot stand within its presence, somewhat like sunlight to a vampire…

GO TO ‘Zen Gardner’ TO READ ‘Solstice – A Spiritual Responsibility’

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‘The Christmas Story’ Is The Story Of ‘THE SUN OF GOD’
It Has Always Been The Story Of ‘THE SUN OF GOD’

The ‘Cosmic Christmas’ The World Has Missed
Bill Donahue – Hidden Meanings

  • December 25th is a birthday that is truly universal and for the most part ignored.
  • In the Nativity story that we have made our own, we have adapted a myth for ourselves based on a story that applied to many of the mythological gods pre-dating Jesus by thousands of years.
  • That’s because when we look at December 25th, we have to understand that the day is the LITERAL BIRTHDAY OF THE SUN IN THE SKY.
  • All the gods of mythology are born on December 25th, because they all represent THE SUN, INCLUDING JESUS.

Is December 25th Jesus’s birthday?
NO, It’s The Birth Day Of The Sun In The Sky
OR, Are They One And The Same?

“God’s Only Son, The Light Of The World, Is Born Today…”

  • Many Millions of people go to churches all over the world on December 25th.
  • Very few know or would acknowledge that they are literally celebrating The Birth Day Of The Sun In The Sky”
  • But Follow the “Cosmic Clock”, the “Clock of Scripture” To Trace “The Life Of The Sun”…

Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 14
“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven…
(THE STARS) …And let them be for SIGNS…”

  • The Lord is going to give a SIGN.
  • Let THE STARS be for SIGNS.
  • The SUN is a STAR.

Isaiah Chapter 7, Verse 14
“Therefore, the Lord himself shall give you a SIGN..
Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son,
and shall call his name Immanuel.”

This is the Beginning of the Celestial Trajectory of THE SUN,
In September, When THE SUN is Born Out of the Constellation Virgo.

Then THE SUN Enters the Constellation Libra

  • Libra is THE BALANCE, the Point Where We ‘Take Up The Cross’.
  • The Beams of the Cross Actually Symbolize That Which is THE BALANCE That Must Be Reached Between THE PHYSICAL and THE SPIRITUAL.

Matthew Chapter 10, Verse 38
“And he that taketh not his cross,
and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.”

In order to follow, THE SUN must pass through the cross,
that time of balance, and that’s what we must do.
We must enter that place of balance where we give
an equal amount of time to the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

Then THE SUN Enters the Constellation Scorpio

  • Leonardo DaVinci was an astrologer.
  • If you count the order of the people in The Last Supper, the person who is 8th from the right is Judas.
  • Judas represents the 8th sign which is ‘Scorpio The Betrayer’.

Then In The CRUCIFIXION Story,
Jesus Is Crucified
Between Two Thieves
Represented By Scorpio And Saggitarius

Then THE SUN Enters
CRUX/Capricorn on December 21st
The Shortest Day Of The Year
In The Northern Hemisphere

With More Darkeness Over That Part
Of The Earth On That Day
Because God’s SUN Is Dead

Matthew Chapter 12, Verse 40
“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly;
so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights
in the heart of the earth.”

Once THE SUN reaches the winter solstice, it locks itself for 3 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS in the silence of the tomb during December 22nd, 23rd and 24th, preparing for Resurrection. Then On December 25th, THE SUN Is Reborn Between Sagitarrius and Capricorn, Between THE HORSE and THE GOAT. That’s the symbolism of the birth taking place in THE MANGER.

In The Book Of Revelation Jesus refers to himself as
THE AMEN which is the name of the Egyptian SUN GOD

Revelation Chapter 3, Verse 14
“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write;
These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness,
the beginning of the creation of God;”

The Laws that govern the movement of THE SUN are the same laws that move within each of us. Inside of each of us is “The Solar Plexus”, our “PERSONAL SUN”.

Finding the balance in our lives between the physical and the spiritual, allows “The Betrayal Of The Flesh” so that we become that which is totally endowed with spirit. We then submit to “The Crucifixion” of the five senses inside meditation, each of us dwelling in meditation inside our “Personal Solstice” in order to find a new birth.

If we understand THE JOURNEY OF THE SUN AND ITS LIFE as OUR JOURNEY, then our life will culminate in a Christmas That Is Meaningful.

Watch Bill Donahue’s
‘The Cosmic Christmas The World Has Missed’
Covering This Subject In Enlightening Depth And Detail

And For More From Bill Donahue
Watch ‘Christmas Within You’

And Visit To Review
An Extensive Volume Of Bill Donahue’s Written Work

Edward Snowden Delivers
An ‘Alternative Christmas Message’ on UK’s Channel 4

Channel 4 has a reputation for delivering an “Alternative Christmas Message” every year as a counterpoint to the Queen’s Annual Christmas Address, and 2013 is no different: it tapped NSA leaker Edward Snowden to speak directly to UK citizens about privacy issues and, according to Channel 4, “why he believes mass indiscriminate surveillance by governments of their people is wrong.”

In the brief, sub-two-minute video, Snowden says that “Great Britain’s George Orwell warned us of the danger of this kind of information,” a reference to the dystopian Nineteen Eighty-Four whose parallels to modern-day mass surveillance have become increasingly alarming as the full extent of the NSA’s capabilities have come to light. “A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. They’ll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves, an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought. And that’s a problem, because privacy matters,” he says.

Snowden says: “The conversation occurring today will determine the amount of trust we can place both in the technology that surrounds us and the government that regulates it. Together we can find a better balance, end mass surveillance and remind the government that if it really wants to know how we feel, asking is always cheaper than spying.”

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