Moving Forward

Cosmic Awareness Communications Has Reorganized

Dear C.A.C. Family,

Happy Spring! We’ve made it through some very interesting and trying times! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful volunteers who have assisted C.A.C. over the years, especially since Avaton’s passing.

I’m happy to announce I’m back on my feet, I’m ready for this season’s new growth, and I have done some Spring Cleaning:

Jon Strongbow is officially C.A.C.’s Editor.
Vikki T remains Secretary/Treasurer and Correspondence Secretary.

Our volunteer webmaster and editor during this trying period, Lloyd Arrd, has moved on to other interests and no longer represents or is authorized to speak on behalf of Cosmic Awareness Communications. The forum is suspended until further notice. We’ll continue to refine the process and expect a smooth-running operation going forward.

Faxes can still be sent to 360-352-6294.

General email correspondence should be sent to

Questions on content should be sent to

Orders, business and questions to Awareness should be sent to, and all hard copy mail will continue to go to:

PO Box 115
Olympia WA 98507

(Please update these in your address books if you haven’t already.)

Celebrating the new growth of Spring, I’m also happy to announce our revamped web site and our new presence on Facebook.  (C.A.C. can now ask you to “like us on Facebook” ) When we reopen the forum activities, we will post that here.

Last, the June 2011 issue that had such fine print most people couldn’t read it  has been reworked, with added content and print you can actually read now, so if you’d like a copy, just send me your request with $1 for postage and we’ll be happy to get one out to you. Thank you kindly!

Looking forward to a bright future, I AM…

Vikki T,
For C.A.C.

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