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Standing On The Edge

Will Berlinghof: Today is August 19, 2013 here in Australia. That I have a question for Cosmic Awareness in a moment that is to be presented through Joan in her energizing the question. But the question that I have for Cosmic Awareness is the following: Last night we received an email from a member of R-P, Rainbow-Phoenix, that informed of a series of planned actions by FEMA in the United States, that seems to be an indicator of plans to launch something or to be ready for an event that is due to occur sometime after the 21st of September, specifically the end of September into October. That FEMA is putting out instructions to be prepared for an event along the eastern seaboard. That this event will be of a major portion, that UN troops are being taught English so that they can be prepared for this event when they are put into that area. Goods and supplies are being sent to the area and are to be in place by certain dates, and the indication from reviewing the video clip that was sent to us, is that something is on the horizon, something crucial that FEMA know about but are not sharing with the general public at this time.

It seemed to be a very serious warning or statement of preparation to an event that is unspecified at this time and one that seems to indicate that something of major proportion is ready to go down.

Now, in light of the information that Awareness has been giving for months, that at the end of September a new beginning will start, that events will be starting to occur that indicate this or that will show that something is indeed happening.

It is my request for today’s session to get Cosmic Awareness to make comment on what It is perceiving about the alleged event that is proposed or planned or known about by those agencies of the American government that are known as FEMA. Thank you.

Cosmic Awareness: Please proceed.

Thank you. Welcome Awareness, thank you for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of August 19, 2013. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your messages, Joan Mills as Questioner and Energizer. The Law of Light and the Law of Love have been invoked.

Would you please make comment on the Interpreter’s question concerning the remarks from the retired Congressperson, concerning the FEMA upcoming action. Your comments please?

That this Awareness is indeed prepared at this time to make comment about the comments that were directed towards the Interpreter and his partner, and the video clip that was included in the email received. That the email did indeed indicate that the organization known FEMA is in a stage of preparation for some event that they seem to know about. That upon hearing and viewing the video clip of the preparations of FEMA for the Third District, that the energies are very disturbing indeed for those who might hear and see this video.

That at the very outset before launching into further details about the events, that this Awareness would remind one and all who either have seen this video clip and the information it contains, or those who are now hearing about this through the commentary of this Awareness on this matter – that one and all need to remember not to go into a fear state, not to energize this event, this proposed event, with negative focus and/or negative energies.

That this Awareness as well as many other sources in recent times have been discussing the matter of events occurring that will bring about the collapse of the present world system, and that this piece of information that has been released is further proof that the Powers That Be are indeed on track and are aware of certain events that are ready to occur now. That the planning of these events is coincident with the nine-month period of preparation that this Awareness has been discussing for many months now, and that it has been mentioned by this Awareness that a new beginning will start at the end of the nine-month period when a birth occurs: a birth into a new state of consciousness with a new set of rules and laws…

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