Saint Twinkle Reloaded

The Birth of Saint TWINKLE

(Excerpt From Issue 80-8 | Paul Shockley Interpreter)

This Awareness Indicates The Energies Exist
When These Energies Are Created And The Names
Which Are Applied To These Energies May Vary.

This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity wishes to tune into certain energies which have been named or exemplified by a personality, which does or did once exist, the entities may tune in according to their own faith, according to their own belief, according to their own sensitivity in the action of such attunement. This Awareness indicates that it matters little whether an entity is, who has had certain energies named after the entity, or whether the energy was created by that entity; it matters not so long as entities can tune into those energies, either through that name or some other.

This Awareness Indicates That For Example,
Suppose An Entity Named ‘Twinkle’
Should Create A Certain Type Of Behavior Which Caused
Others To Feel Enlightened Just By Thinking Of
That Entity ‘Twinkle’, And The Enlightenment Brought
Joy And Happiness To These Entities.

This Awareness suggests this may simply be a cartoon character who becomes famous so that all persons on Earth know who Twinkle is — it matters not wherein this is of a spiritual hierarchy or a fantasy level. This Awareness indicates that wherein Twinkle becomes the exemplary force for enlightenment and happiness and joy, then when any entity who accepts this concept and any entity wishes to receive the benefits of Twinkle; all that entity needs to do is open himself to the energies of Twinkle.

This Awareness indicates the action of praying or prayer, or petitioning for help is simply an action of opening oneself to receive the benefits from the object of prayer, petitioning for the help desired; therefore an entity in observing Twinkle, wanting to receive the joy and enlightenment which is exemplified by Twinkle, simply opens up to receive these.

This Awareness indicates if this entity is a cartoon character, then the person will see this cartoon character Twinkle as something enjoyable and will simply receive the benefits by thinking of this Twinkle or by reading at comic book of Twinkle, or watching a movie of Twinkle, or having a statue of Twinkle nearby as a reminder of the enlightenment and joy which the entity exemplifies.

This Awareness indicates – however, that if Twinkle is made a saint, then used in a hierarchy religious system, then the entity might feel more inclined to pray to Twinkle in order to receive these benefits. This Awareness suggests that this also is a similar way of opening oneself to receive and petition for the energies which Twinkle exemplifies…

…This Awareness suggests that you may experiment with this concept if you desire by praying to Twinkle for enlightenment, joy and happiness, and consider Twinkle as a saint which this Awareness presents to you at this time. This Awareness indicates that after you have proceeded in this manner for some time and have reaped the results of your experiments, this Awareness suggests that you then consider Twinkle as a cartoon character and may wish to draw Twinkle, and notice the feeling which you receive from Twinkle when looking at the drawing.

(Excerpt From Issue 85-23 | Paul Shockley Interpreter)

We Received A Rather Charming Letter At CAC From MJB:

“Dear CAC. This entity suggests that St. Twinkle has been around for many years. Not only have poems been written about St. Twinkle, such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,’ but he is also known as the Star of David. Farther back we see him marking The Birth Of Christ and still farther back we see him used by occult organizations as a defense against black magic. Further back we see him giving life energy to the material world, a being worshiped by the Egyptians, and still further back we see him forming the original constellations of the star Aquarius. This entity also suggests that St. Twinkle comes in various colors which may be seen by certain entities now that the veil is thin: blue for spiritual, white for purity, yellow for freedom, red for victory and so forth.”

“This entity suggests that St. Twinkle brightens up rooms, even in the dark with your eyes shut, and this entity suggests that St. Twinkle be associated with The Divine Spark which set off the original burst of sparks in the divine voyage and as being the basis of creation.”

“This entity suggests that when using a white crayon or chalk to draw St. Twinkle around you as a protective insurance policy, which is free, that the right hand be used in starting from the left lower corner, making the form of a star from that point, just as Betsy Ross did. This entity suggests this will not only allow higher beings and vibrations of joy, enlightenment and happiness to come through this spiritual doorway, but this entity also suggests it is a powerful ‘zapper’ against evil. Should you notice a streak of electricity after using this method, this entity suggests that with St. Twinkle, everyday is the Fourth of July and suggests also that ‘Star Light and Star Bright’ and so forth, be the prayer to St. Twinkle…”

“This entity suggests that… when the time comes our lights shall shine at the same time. Twelve stars in a circle, one for each sign, all passing through one another, unable to hurt each other because we are no longer shackled by the density of matter… We fill the void with lightrays and all twelve signs and thereby fill the vacuum of an emptiness and recreate the heavens, which were once doomed for destruction, with stars like Saint Twinkle. Saint Twinkle travels faster than the speed of light, he’s more powerful than a nuclear war and he’s able to make people happy in a single twinkle. You asked for it, you got it, Saint Twinkle. Let no human dare put a price tag on Saint Twinkle. Mankind shall be creatively satisfied because it was created in the cosmic plan that it be impossible to harm another because of the simple fact that Light Beings cannot hurt Light Beings.”

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that the pentagram as also representing prosperity on the physical plane. This Awareness suggests also that entities may wish to energize the transmutation of the Pentagon into a temple for Saint Twinkle, a college of peace and prosperity in future generations.

This Awareness suggests that the Christian Age being seen as that wherein The Christ was suspended from the cross, — this having four arms. This Awareness suggests you visualize the Aquarian Age as that wherein The Christ has been resurrected, released from the cross, and stands in the symbol of a five-pointed star, legs spread apart, arms outstretched, a smile and crown on his head, with Saint Twinkle being superimposed. This Awareness indicates Saint Twinkle being simply that concept of joy, prosperity, harmony, radiance and freedom.

“Ascended Masters”
Where Does Their Information Come From?
(Awareness Explains What the Spiritual Hierarchy Realty Is)
(Excerpt From Issue 2006-3 | Reading Dated 11/9/1994 | Paul Shockley Interpreter)

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has indicated previously that these entities known as The Spiritual Hierarchy are personified replicas or personified symbols for certain vibratory frequencies in the electromagnetic scale. This Awareness suggests you visualize a Universal Hierarchy System Of Frequencies ranging from The Divine Creator down to the more gross frequencies that make up matter itself.

In between are other frequencies, ranging from light, sound, heat, mind, emotion, feeling and gamma rays and radio waves and individual frequencies, and on up toward the highest frequencies of Divinity Itself.

When The Frequency Is Personified

In this hierarchy of the electromagnetic spectrum, there are places where energies cross and create fluxes of energy which are not the absolute highest, but may be far above the average entity’s vibration, and these points in the electromagnetic scale are often given names as though they were angels or entities of a higher frequency.

This Awareness indicates that by personifying such a frequency as deserving a name, whether it be Koot Hoomi or some Saint Twinkle or whatever, entities who tap into that frequency may be able to attune to the vibration of that particular frequency and channel information that is above the norm, because the frequency is above the norm.

This Awareness indicates that the entity may put a name on that frequency calling it Koot Hoomi or Dofo or Goduri or whatever. It matters not what name they put on it, but if they tune in to the same frequency after every channeling they are getting the same vibration and generally call it by the same name, so that the names tend to call upon that frequency.

Thus, an entity going into the channeling mode, attuning to a certain name is very likely to return to the same channeling frequency as before, since it was associated with that particular name. The message therefore would be consistent with previous channelings to the same frequency and the same name.

George Adamski the First to Name Frequencies

This Awareness indicates that many of these earlier entities or frequencies originated with the entity Adamski when he sought to communicate with the occupants of UFOs and believed he was in touch with Venusians, people from Venus. He would give names to the frequencies to which he attuned, and communicate with them or get messages from them and channel the information, and this caused other entities reading such information to seek to attune to the same entities under the same or similar names.

This Awareness indicates that this being an early version of the channeling that later became known as the spiritual hierarchy channelings, which occurred through many different entities. This Awareness indicates that other entities later channeling, would come in contact with a different frequency and give the different frequency a spiritual name, and thus, many of the hierarchy beings came into existence under certain names.

Flying Saucers Have Landed
Pioneers of Space
Looking for Orthon

In other words, the frequencies of The Spiritual Hierarchy are real. The act of attributing a name to those spiritual hierarchies is questionable as to whether that is truly an appropriate name for the spiritual energies, for the hierarchy energies, but it doesn’t matter, for once it sticks, and entities begin to channel for this spiritual energy and think of it as an individual, it is a way of communicating and attuning to those energies of The Spiritual Hierarchy associated with the names that have been attributed to those spiritual hierarchy energies.

This Awareness indicates that this is what this Awareness has meant when it says The Spiritual Hierarchy is questionable as to its true existence. This Awareness indicates that even the so-called frequency of The Creator under the Name Of God can be confusing for the frequency of The Divine Creator is real and can be attuned to, however, any personification representation of that spiritual hierarchy is to some degree an illusion.

To say that you are in contact with God may mean to one person that you have come in contact with some entity, humanoid in shape, but far above humans in particular, whereas to another entity coming into contact with The Divine Creator simply means that you have touched that frequency, that vibration, that high level of light/love/creative energy associated with The Creative Force Of The Universe.

This Awareness indicates that it is not easy to explain this in regard to entities who focus on physical shapes and forms, because this Awareness is speaking of Invisible Vibrations that are the Entities Of The Spirit World, or The World Of Consciousness.

This Awareness indicates in other words, Divinity Is Consciousness, and these Divine Beings are certain frequencies that manifest as consciousness. Therefore, entities attuning to The Spiritual Hierarchy may in fact simply be attuning to Levels Or States Of Consciousness In The Electromagnetic Scale.

More On The Angelic Realm
(Excerpt From Issue 2008-3 | Reading Dated 6/7/2007 | Will Berlinghof Interpreter)

COSMIC AWARENESS: At this time, this Awareness has an opening statement, comments in relation to a matter discussed the day before in the last session that was held. This is in relation to the question concerning The Angelic Realm, presented by MJS. The Angelic Realm was defined by this Awareness as of two natures; that being The Original Angelic Beings, the energy beings that were the prototype for angels and The Angelic Realm that became understood to be so, that is currently held in such high esteem, and in high respect, and is playing such a significant role for so many as they are shifting their consciousness and awareness and opening up to the multidimensional levels of reality.

This Realm Of The Angelic is very much part of the upper echelons of consciousness and that those original energy beings that were the prototype of the creation of The Angelic Realm, in a Christianized version, are very much of that higher dimensional reality, that have chosen, over the countless eons, to participate in the workings and affairs of mankind. Many cultures have had stories of these Angelic Beings, these stories of course preceding and predating the modern understanding of The Angelic Realm.

This Awareness has spoken of this previously. What It wishes to re-emphasize at this point is that The Angelic Realm that is held now, that is the derivation of the original energies, is indeed A Very Real Realm. Originally, when this Awareness began answering this question, It chose to present the information in such a way as to shock, to shake up, to create thought on this matter, so that those who would hold simply to the truth of The Angelic Realm as it is held at this time, would think deeper on this matter. This Awareness feels that It has achieved that purpose and goal. At this point however, It does wish to confirm that The Angelic Form , as it is held at this time by most who would hold to such a concept and belief, is entirely valid.

An Update on Saint Twinkle

The beliefs, and the energizing of those beliefs over the countless centuries and the thousands of years that this hierarchical order has been around and has been presented to humanity, has created a real realm of the angelic that does embody The Archangels, The Seraphim, And The Levels Of The Common Ranks: The Angels Themselves. At the time when It spoke earlier, this Awareness wished to mention the concept of Saint Twinkle, that force this Awareness presented many years ago, with the explanation that if Saint Twinkle was energized, it would indeed become A Real Force, A Real Energy, that it would hold validity and be valid.

The members did energize that energy known as Saint Twinkle, and there is indeed a True Saint Twinkle out there now, even though it has not been spoken of in recent times. Still, there is an energy stream of consciousness that does now exist, and this only through the limited qualification that was given to it by the energizing of the concept of Saint Twinkle. Imagine if you will, how The Angelic Realm, as it is now held, which has been subject to the energizing beliefs that have been held for so long is at this time, How It Is A True Level Of Consciousness, A True Angelic Realm That Has Validity, That Does Intercede Into The Affairs Of Humanity.

It is now possible to call upon Archangel Michael Or Raphael, Gabriel, And All Of The Other Archangels: The Seraphim, And The Angels Themselves. Often, that concept of the angels was also something that would address that which this Awareness calls The High Self, so that each person would seem to have A Guardian Angel, which of course expresses The High Self. This again shows the validity of The Concept Of Angels. If each and every one understands that Their High Self is the same as Their Guardian Angel, or vice versa Their Guardian Angel Is Their High Self, then it is possible for each and every person to have a personal experiencing of an angel, and thus tie in to The Angelic Realm.

This Awareness simply wished to make it clear that even though the second understanding of The Angelic Realm is a byproduct of the original energies of the prototype of the beings that this Awareness described as The Original Angels, it is nonetheless A Very Real Realm Of Consciousness, and is accessible to those who would work with angels and choose to connect to The Angelic Realm.

Did Jesus And Krishna Really Exist
Or Did We Make Them Up?
(Excerpt From Issue 2012-4 | Reading Dated 3/9/2012 | Will Berlinghof Interpreter)

When Enough Believe In Something It Becomes So

This is how collective reality has formed this physical planet that those who are experiencing physical existence are indeed experiencing. In the 80s this Awareness also spoke of this matter and introduced the concept of Saint Twinkle. Many long term members will remember Saint Twinkle as A Spirit Of The New Age, of the dawning of this time frame, and the consciousness around Saint Twinkle does indeed exist, even though for a majority it is not a real concept.

But Then This Awareness Would Ask,
“What Is Reality After All?”

If enough energy by a large enough group were exerted on Saint Twinkle it would exist in the minds of all as a True Being, a saint who was of high nature and high order. It exists in the underlying consciousness of humanity, for it was introduced by this Awareness and energized by the membership and Exists On One Level Of Reality but not necessarily on the collective level of reality that most experience as the physical world.

Such Is The Same With The Entity Now Known As Jesus Christ. There was an ascended being connected to Apollonius, but there was no historical man known as Jesus Christ.

The legends were created and merged And The Entity That Is Now Known As Jesus Christ Is Indeed Real, for it was created in consciousness and does have substance now to the billions who would believe in the entity and who do believe in the entity. It would be erroneous and wrong to say that Jesus Christ does not exist but it would be more correct to understand he exists because many have energized him, many have focused their intent and desire and wishes on him and many have created him as a true being. And there is now “evidence” of his existence in the history of the Bible and other works along the track of time that enfolds him and creates him.

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