Cosmic Awareness Classics

Who, In Fact, You Really Are

Who, In Fact, You Really Are A C.A.C. Classic Book: 144 Carefully Structured Lessons That Took Over 10 Years To Create: In Paperback Or On Kindle: ever wonder about the meaning of life? why we're here? what the universe is about? Cosmic Awareness explains what It is, how the Universe and humans were created, and leads through birth, childhood, adulthood, magic, sex, death and far beyond into other dimensions and systems, explaining all of the mysterious 'Secrets of the Universe'

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Now Being Released on CD! The 144 Spiritual Development Lessons Artfully Read by Our Very Own Rev. Robert Hanzel! These Masterful Recordings provide an Excellent Audio Companion GO HERE FOR MORE

Lessons of Enlightenment

Lessons of Enlightenment A C.A.C. Classic Book: In Paperback Or On Kindle: it's time to acknowledge and reclaim the abilities that empower humans rather than keep remain enslaved within their own earthly illusions; it's up to the individual to actively choose to receive the Light; each individual was created with the innate capacity to know, to experience, and attune to an inner guidance; this requires the courage to set aside those beliefs and habits of thought and action that now severely limit the soul, yet masquerade as the very truths for which humans feel compelled to fight and to die

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The Cosmic Laws Of Cosmic Awareness

The Cosmic Laws Of Cosmic Awareness A C.A.C. Classic Book: In Paperback: presenting inspiring insights that make clear how universal regularities work in our lives; concise, spiritual reflections emphasizing that we are part of a universe which is one living and creating awareness; being connected with this awareness enables us to develop inner wisdom and to experience love and respect for every living thing; clear and concrete expression of higher laws

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