Free Info & Manuals

This incredible information was given to us by Cosmic Awareness to help us move through The Ascension Process. It's rather bulky, weighing 1 1/2 lbs, so we're asking for a donation of $5 to cover shipping within the USA, $18 to Canada and $25 to Other International Destinations.

Here's What You'll Receive, A $50 Value:

  • Transpersonative Manual (Techniques for developing ESP)
  • Spiritual Healing Techniques 1-2-3
  • Book of Meditation
  • A Diet to Increase Your Awareness
  • Fasting and Nature Cure
  • Instructions for the Passing Over (a guide manual for the living and the dead)
  • Akashic Record - The Structural Pattern for the New Age Government
  • A Magic Happening at Yorktown
  • That Seed Planted in Consciousness Begins to Sprout
  • The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

Supplies Are Limited: Get Yours Now While They Last.