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Here at Cosmic Awareness Communications, we try to make several services we feel are valuable available to our membership as well as the general public. Feel free to email us with any questions at

Services Available...

hangyCosmic Awareness Sessions With Michelle Available From CAC:
As Of The Summer Of 2015, CAC Has Reactivated Services That Haven't Been Available For Many Years To Offer Some Exciting New Cosmic Awareness Reading Options Online Via Michelle, A New Interpreter For Cosmic Awareness.

Healing Wednesdays And The Cosmic Awareness Monthly Group Healing Sessions:   Since 1985, CAC has had a monthly group healing. The 3rd Wednesday of each month is known as Healing Wednesday. Members are asked to take 20 to 30 minutes during that day at whatever time is convenient, and send love and healing energy to the healing center at CAC Headquarters... Anyone needing a healing can send a donation appropriate to the healing requested and a letter of explanation. The letter is placed in the Healing Basket... The Cosmic Awareness Monthly Group Healing is a highly energized group healing session that takes place as part of Healing Wednesday, in which the given name or names are tuned to specific frequencies by an energizer while the interpreter is in a deep trance level... GO HERE TO FIND OUT MORE...

The Cosmic Awareness Trance Healing:   This is more intense and more in depth than the Monthly Group Healing. The intimate individual session begins with a statement from the entity about the need for healing whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, including when it began, how it affects the entity, and what changes the entity would like to see... GO HERE TO FIND OUT MORE...

The Cosmic Awareness Personal Life Reading:   This is the most in depth session offered, lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and covering up to 12 questions. Questions should be submitted in order of generality and importance.... an excellent opportunity to discuss the truth of various events in the entity's life or in the world at large. Awareness offers personal guidance, advice and answers that are specifically applicable to the entity's life... LIMITED TIME OFFER! SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICES UNTIL HALLOWEEN, SATURDAY OCTOBER 31st, 2015!... GO HERE TO FIND OUT MORE...

Tarot Readings With Bronwyn:    Bronwyn is an experienced reader who has been doing tarot for almost 30 years. We believe you will be well pleased with his services. We are offering 1 to 4 questions with written answers emailed or sent hard copy by mail for $15 per question. Payment for the readings is made to CAC. You may use the form below to pay CAC online for your reading via PayPal:

Digital/Email Hardcopy/Mail
Digital/Email Hardcopy/Mail


Associated Services Available...

star chart Star Charts:   Rev. Marie Templeton, our own Minister of Awareness, is offering her Star Charts to the membership. She has put together a unique, extensive package from C.A.C.'s best readings and presents them with her innate knowledge of astrology and numerology using an ancient Chaldean - Hebrew Kabala numerical alphabet which not only gives you a complete set of power numbers, but will reveal your own personal story she feels everyone has a karmic right to know.

Adult Charts $100.00 USD      Child Charts $90.00 USD

Email Rev.Templeton at or contact her through post. Please remember to include your full name at birth, the date and time of birth too. (Time of birth is located on your birth certificate).

Rev. Marie Templeton
60 Nonotuck St.
Holyoke, MA 01040