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December 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-12 Issue No. 764
Why Hasn’t Santa Materialized? Turning Something On Within The Self, The Flying Monks Of Tibet, The Science Of Astrology, Can You Raise An Entity’s Consciousness Without Preaching? Why Is The Number 666 A Bad Number? How Did Creation Begin? The 5 Senses, The Fruit From The Tree Of Life The Music Of The Spheres (IBID) Ultra High Frequencies Beyond Light – Page 9 What Created God? In The Beginning Was The Word, Vibration Was The First Cause , Humans & Neanderthals, Adam And Eve Prototypes Of Cro Magnon Beings The Firmament – Will It Be Re-Established? Dolphin People, Pleiadians & Alien Creation, Reality Is Flexible, Humans Not So Much! Quantum Mechanics & Spirituality Religon/No Religion, Michelle Makes It Easier To Understand Her Terminiology

November 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-11 Issue No. 763
The Sleeper Must Awaken! A Time To Sleep And A Time Of Waking Up, What Really Happened To Jeffrey Epstein? Human Trafficking, The Law Of Hierarchy, Loss Of Time Creates Problem For Interpreter, Why So Many Small Plane Accidents Are Happening, A Cosmic Awareness Prophecy For 2020, Concerning Entities That Speak Through Trance Mediums, Cosmic Metaphysics Simplified, Using Television As A Metaphor For Many Lifetimes, The Most Important Question Not Yet Asked , What Your Purpose In Life Really Is, Making Things So Complicated You Become Miserable, It’s All Just For Entertainment Folks! Synergy & Flow, Loss Of Time Made Up! The Information Universe–The Science Of The New Age

October 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-10 Issue No. 762
Cycles And Transitions Taking Place At This Time, Global Conflict- What Is Going On? Human Trafficking, Sacred Geometry, The Earth Has The Ability To Heal Herself, Complexities Of The Human Heart, Humanity Being Melted Into Pure Consciousness, Don’t Put Labels On Awareness Information, Why The Need To Control Others? Giving Up Attachments, What To Identify With, The Work Of The Descended Masters, Global Cleanup, Evolving Humanity, Deepening Your Experience, Consecrated Ground, Dead Cosmonauts, Egyptian Pyramids, Contracts & Famous People, Was Grace Kelly Murdered, Power Of Being Human – Humans As Gods

September 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-9 Issue No. 761
The Transitions Taking Place at This Time, Third and Fourth Dimensions Defined, How Much Plastic Do You Eat Each Year? Rudolph Steiner and Conscious Channeling, Is Cancer Becoming More Prevalent? Old Concepts Reinterpreted: Christ,Lucifer & Ahriman, The Role of Gods of Darkness & Light, How a Cosmic Awareness Interpreter Operates, Viewing Time Differently, Light and Dark Forces the Basis of Zoroastrian Philosophy, What Are Black Holes? Evolution: What is The Truth? More on the Color ‘Red’, There Is No Such Thing as Time, Conflict from Physical Amputation, How to Understand Interdimensional Travel, The God Syndrome, Death on this Plane is Simply Being Reborn into Another Plane, More on Amelia Earhart, No Entity Really Dies, But Some Go to Cimmeria, Being in a Constate State of Prayer, The Soul as an Information Processor, Will Photon Energies Change Our Appearance? The Importance of Active Listening

August 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-8 Issue No. 760
Emergence of a Deeper Understanding and Wisdom, 2 Giant Underwater Humanoids, Flat Earth, Sexuality as a path to Higher Frequency? Mantids, Greys and the Silent Assimilation, Aliens, Abductions and Human/Alien Hybrids, Slaves to Artificial Intelligence? The Real Role of the Lightworker, More Flat Earth Information, Using Color to Access Vibrational Change, Black Holes and their Purpose, Future of Healing, Color & Music Therapy, Robots and Genetic Engineering, Using the Sun to Become more Youthful, Did a Computer of the Future Create The Universe? Converting Genetic Codes to Tonal Patterns, The New Science of the Next Century

July 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-7 Issue No. 759
The Esoteric Meaning of the Burning of Notre Dame, More on Celebrities & Contracts, Mind Control & MK Ultra in Hollywood, How to Reverse the Aging Process, Power of the Mind can bring About Healing, Did Russian Cosmonauts Stop Aging? Birth of Integrated Being Approaches, The Evolution of the Soul, Underground Bases in Iran and Iraq, Are Jinn Responsible? Is CAC Moribund? The Emergence of Grief

June 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-6 Issue No. 758
What’s Ahead For CAC? Things Are Definitely Changing, The Definition Of ‘Transhumanism’, White Pyramid Found On The Moon, Becoming A Cloud, A Possible Solution To The Problem, How To Free Yourself From Limitations, Neotech, Freedom from Guilt, A Healing Meditation For The Readership, Healing Mother Earth, Fifth Generation Technology & The Transition Into The 5th Dimension, How To Minimize The Sorrow And Tragedy On This Plane, Are Entities Machines That Are Asleep As Gurdjieff Claims? What Self-Awareness Really Is, The Cause And Cure For Loneliness, The Difference Between Conscious And Unconscious Memory, How Yogis Control Their Breath & Heartbeat, Does The Subconscious Carry Memories Of All Our Previous Lifetimes?

May 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-5 Issue No. 757
Big Changes Occur Through Accumulative Small Changes, Questions Concerning Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, Mysterious Coin Found In Egypt, Gaining Perspective On Your Life, Sitchin’s Book: “When Time Began”, As A Human Collective: Is Time Speeding Up? The Endless Universe: What Does That Mean? What Are These Things Called Words? Were All Religions Started By Aliens? Mind Control And Religion: How To Reconcile Both? Where Did Jesus Go After The Crucifixion? How The Jesus Myth Was Created, The Importance Of A Religion, Why People Accept A Religion Without Much Question, Are Sitchin’s Nefilim & Reptoids The Same? Was The Sumerian Race Genetically Engineered By Reptoids? Are The Akashic Records Of Earth Sealed? The Black Race Was Originally The Blue Race, How They Created Adam & Eve…, The Elohim Computer Hidden Deep Within The Earth

April 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-4 Issue No. 756
The Process Involved In Releasing Fear, Why Is The US Suddenly So Involved In Venezuela? Warmongering Talk Regarding Iran And Russia, USA Releasing Israel From Its Protection, More On The 12 Strands Of DNA, Addressing The Nature Of ‘God’, The Direction Of Cosmic Awareness Communications, Is There Only One Path To Enlightenment? Why We Are All ‘Gods’, The Spiritual Path Is A Path Away From Self, The Many Ways Of Meditation, Cosmic Awareness Never Has Claimed To Be God, The Gods Who Walk Among You, Are Dinosaurs Alive And Living In Africa?

March 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-3 Issue No. 755
The Experience Of Being A Cloud, What Is Going On With This Government Shutdown? Having Members Tune In To Awareness And Answer Questions, Mind To Matter: The Physical Force Behind The Manifesting Of Goals, Healing And Relaxation From Crystal And Metal Bowls, More On The Creation Of Humans, Reclaiming The Original 12 Strands Of Our DNA, CAC Membership Will Be Called Upon To Participate In Healing Energies, Realizing You Are Awakened, A Man Serving A Life-Term In Prison Experiences A Positive Vision, The Timing Of Brexit And US Government Shutdown, The Popularity Of Changing Gender, More On Cannabis And CBD Oil, Biomagnetic Pairs: Polarizing The Positive And Negative To Bring Healing, How To Deal When Fear Arises! (Shift Happens!), What Is The Origin Of The Various Races? The Origin Of The Brown And Blue Races, Little Green Men From Mars, And Other Aliens, Getting History Straight! There Are 700,000 Types Of Humanoids In Our Galaxy Alone! You Are Indestructible! How To Survive Eternally And Enjoy Eternal Bliss, Regarding Old Age

February 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-2 Issue No. 754
Transitioning With Stillness In The Heart, The Passing Over Of V. Sharp’s Husband, Is The Moon An Artificial Object? The Moon Is Aware, Earthquakes And Unnatural Fires, Earthquakes In Anchorage, Unnatural Fires In California, Surrogate Mothers: Traits And Characteristics From The Host Mother, What Happens To All The Missing Children? Fifth Generation Technology: Is It Taking Over The World? Anticipating Earth Changes, The White Powder Gold And The Philosopher’s Stone, Honoring The Cycles And Seasons, Earth Intensifies Her Struggle To Remove The Sacrificial Systems From Her Body, Sleeping After Passing Over, Then Transitioning Into An Awakened State, Healing Others By Radiating Love, Creating A Rapport Through Connection (More On Inner Earth Beings), Do Angels Really Exist? Mantids Believe They Are Of The Light, But There Are Many Misconceptions About What This Means! 2019 Will Bring Great Changes To Cosmic Awareness Communications, Are You Becoming A Robot? Taking On The Earth’s Karma, Believing In Hell, And Believing You Will Go There May Bring About That Experience, The Lower Realms Of Humanity, Getting History Straight – The Nature Of Jehovah, Jehovah As Demented Scientists, ‘Mark Of The Beast’ Concept Is From Another Planet, Recognizing The Divinity Of One’s Being, Religion Will Soon Be Perceived As False And Lies

January 2019

Revelations of Awareness 2019-1 Issue No. 753
Dealing With Trapped Emotions, Mass-Shootings And California Fires: Are These Planned Events? Life After The Mid-Term Elections, Mind Control Frequencies Will Have A Heavy Impact, Something Sinister At Standing Stone State Park? The Maturation Of Planet Earth, Are Walmart Buildings Being Used For Nefarious Purposes? (More On Human Trafficking), Are We Being Enslaved By Archons? A CAC Auction With Help From Membership? Entering The Time Of Generating A Void, Surrendering Your Power Can Have Dire Ramifications, The ‘Powers That Be’ Keep Trying To Destabilize The United States, Voting Within A Sacrificial System, The System Was Never Truly Democratic, What Really Happened To Reporter Jamal Khashoggi? A Vision Of A New Planet Born From The Sun, Should We Be Eating More Fruit? Implanted Memories? Are Our Brains Being Tampered With? Sense Of Smell Can Trigger Powerful Memories, Ceanne Derohan’s Book: Imprinting, Detaching From Ideologies And Belief Systems, How Thought Creates Your World, Does Cosmic Awareness Have A Sense Of Humor? (Some Fan Mail For Awareness), Overcoming Death (Creating The Body Of Light), Illusion And The Nature Of Reality

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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the 'New Age' of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of 'Readings' given through these various channels, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel what is the Truth. Cosmic Awareness will only 'indicate' and 'suggest'. Neither CAC or any of the Interpreters is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreters necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreters interpret the energies as they see them in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreters published herein have no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments and material, including illustrations. This is entirely the responsibility of the editor. Members of CAC are invited to send in questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication in this newsletter.

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