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April 2022

Revelations of Awareness 2021-4 Issue No. 780
Developing an Understanding Within Oneself, Who Killed Manly P. Hall?, A Lion-Headed Man?, Trajectory of Plane Used to Attack NY Trade Building, Crop Circle Gives a Message of Hope?, Embracing Change, Avoid Being Obsessed with Material Things, Long Periods of Security Creates Feeling that Life is Good, How Counseling Can Help People with Deep Fears, How The Fearful Begin to Take over Their Anxieties, Questions to Ask the Child About the Trauma, Talk to the Vibration of the Entity that Violated You, Examining One’s Experience of Fear, Oncoming Nuclear War?, New Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics!, Modern Society Has Compromised the Health of All People, Osirion, the Oldest Building on the Planet, All About Legends, Myths & Parables.

March 2022

Revelations of Awareness 2021-3 Issue No. 767

Humanity Preparing for a Transformation, What are Cintamani Stones?, Subterranean Communities, Becoming More Keenly Observant, Current Events, The 5-G Network and Disruption of Magnetosphere, A Message from The One, Will the Comet Apophis Hit the Earth?, Dead Astronauts Maybe Not So Dead?, How to keep from Going Mad…, The Right & Left Brain, Relearning Everything When We Die?, An Entity Changes Consciousness when Passing Over, Evils of Genetic Engineering, Right & Wrong According to Awareness, Improving Spiritual Consciousness in Others, Every Human Face is Every Other Human Face, The Principle Behind Reprogramming, Vulnerability- the Price One Pays for Becoming Aware, Prehistoric Monsters, We are All Transmitters & Receivers, Alchemical Conversion & Divine Grace.

February 2022

Revelations of Awareness 2021-2 Issue No. 778

Becoming Immersed in Color, A Weak Spot in the Earth’s Magnetic Field, The Origin of Viruses, Using Amethyst Crystals & Light for Healing, We Are all Transmitters & Receivers, – How To Heal Using Crystals, Amulets & Talismans are Placebo Suggestions, Healing Through Psionics, How Ritual & Symbol Influences the Subconscious, Potentialities as Narratives, Tremors and Loud Boom Not an Earthquake, Strange Microscopic Things Fall from Sky, A Coin Dated 2039 …is it a Hoax?, Has Awareness Created evolving Life Forms of Its Own, Why did the Anunnaki Need Gold?, A Grand Cycle Expanding Beyond Fear & Self-Harm, Is Transhumanism a Good Thing?, Forecast for 2022, Fear Not the changes, The External World is a Reflection of the Internal One, A Name is Nothing More Than a Symbol, YOU IMAGINED YOURSELF INTO EXISTENCE.

January 2022

Revelations of Awareness 2021 Issue No. 777

Changing Seasons: Being Introspective in Winter, Behind the Scenes Shenanigans, Tapping Into the Earth’s Energy, Does A Stump Have Consciousness?, Do Plastic Objects Have Consciousness?, Forecast for Cataclysmic Changes, After Session Conversation, A Parable on Planting Seeds, Expansion of Human Consciousness, The New Sacrificial System,Vaccination: Receive it Or not?, How Does Awareness Access Information?, Develop a Loving Raport with Your Body, What the Universal Consciousness Would Prefer, The Information Universe, The Invisible Group Mind, Limits in Presenting Questions to Awareness, Free Will & Miraculous Healings, The Mind Can Produce Disease Bacteria as well as Healing, The Tree, The Rock, The Earth Are Vibrating Creations.

December 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-12 Issue No. 788
The Intensity of Lived Life, A Mandate to Take the Vaccine?, Socialism & Democracy, The Body’s Ability to Shed & Release Toxins, A Pretense of Democracy, The Element of Fire, The Winter Solstice, The Meaning of Christmas, Male Superiority in Religion, Experiencing Ascension Symptoms, Ashtar Command Violates Natural Law, John Leer Claims an Alien Helped Us Get to the Moon, DNA Communicates Via Invisible Electromagnetic Field of The Planet, A Deer & her Two Fawns write a letter to Awareness!, Invoking a Serious Injury in One’s Life Experience, Support & Honor the Body, Inside the Mind of God, Merging with the Divine is Like Jumping into Water Reactions to Cutting Down That Christmas Tree

November 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-11 Issue No. 787
Changing of the Seasons, Matthew’s Messages, Nesara / Gesara, Changes in the Body & the Electromagnetic Fields, How to Deal with Chaotic Stressful Times, We Can’t Let Physical Circumstances Block our Spiritual Path, Grab A Hold of the Hand of Cosmic Awareness, Nature & Humans Discharge Electrostatic Energy, Delta Variant is Following a Natural Progression, Covid, Transhumanism & the Evolution of Mankind, More on the Bioelectric System, Solar Flare Extinction Event?, You Were Born For This Time!, How to Energize & Awaken Your Light Body, Leaving the Body Briefly to Avoid Pain, There is no Universal Law of Forgetfulness, The Role of Food & the Light Body,The Toxic Nature of Foods in Modern Society, Many Ways of Thinking Are Wrong & Erroneous

October 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-10 Issue No. 786
The Many Definitions of Self, The Romanian Sphinx & Free Energy, After Death, Do We Follow the White Light from the Sun?, New World Order Agenda causes Grief, Is The KRYON Source Authentic?, Is The Universe Moving Toward the Feminine?, Witnessing the Feeling, Is the World Moving Toward A Matriarchal Society?, Are Women ‘Inferior’ Because They Birth?, Changing Energies on Other Vibratory Systems, Do We Have to Relearn Everything Each Time We Die?, How An Entity in Passing Over Changes Consciousness, The Saga of Sweet Soul (conclusion), Why Dead Friends Usually Don’t Communicate, After Passing Over It Is Easy for Forget Pior Lifetime, All Consciousness is Subjective, Do We Decide Before Birth How We will Depart This plane?, The Environment Can Alter Your Lifetime, Choosing Your Parents & The Genetic,The Importance of Active Listening.

September 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-9 Issue No. 785
The Nature of Uncertainty, The Quiet Revolution, Sacrificial System Still Deeply Entrenched, The Strange Island of Nan Modol, Human-size Foot found on Mars, She-shifting Wolf Being?, Nanasoma: A good Healer?, A Peek at Post-Election USA, Observing & Communing with Nature, Darwin’s Theory is Backwards, Why the Earth Will Not Be Destroyed, More on the New Shifts in Consciousness, Why Many Stay Earthbound, CAC & Freedom of Morality,nA Coming Together of Humanity, Delta Variant part of Earth’s Plan?, Strange Weather Lately!, The Purpose of God & Its Creation, The Dwarf Planet Eris, The Sweet Soul Saga.

August 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-8 Issue No. 784
The Cosmic Bank Account, Old Materialistic Ways Fall Aside, Aspects of the Soul, & the Clear Light, What is God?, Influence on Ancient Astronauts on Religions, Incredible Vastness of the Universe,Consciousness of the Creator, Origins of the Forces of Darkness, Time Travel: Is it Possible?, The Coming Wave of Consciousness, A Time-Travel Meditation, Can a Time-Traveler Participate in Past Events?, Focus on the Observer, A Caution About Time-Traveling, Seth Material & Multiple Lifetimes, How Reincarnation Works, How to Go Back in Time, How To Realize the Past Through Sound

July 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2020-7 Issue No. 771
Seek With Your Heart, Covid Vaccine Causes Harm?, Covid Vaccine and Eugenics, Confusion About Masculine/Feminine Energies, Asperger’s Syndrome and Social Relationships, The Virus in Not the Enemy, Biden and Dementia, Male Superiority Over Women,Man Cannot Dominate Nature, Oceans Affect Weather, Tucker Carlson Not What He Seems To- Be, Organizing 144 Light Beings to Become Change Agents, Aliens Claiming to Save Humanity, What is the Cone-Shaped Thing?,Crablike Humanoid?, The Many Ways of Meditation, Most are Content to Let the Others Do Their Thinking – This Awareness Has Never Claimed to Be God.

June 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-6 Issue No. 782
The Nature of Wings, Alexei Navalny Dying in Russian Prison?, New Information on Covid 19, The Galactic Threat of Earth Invasion, Military to Stage a Fake UFO Invasion, UFO Cube Seen Above Texas, Bodies of Mythological Creatures discovered, Alien Influence of Human Males, Without Masculine & Feminine Energies, Life Would Fail, Government Planned Alien Invasion in 2008, Atmospheric Changes- Impending Ice Age?, Covid and Unprotected Sex, Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, More on Catastrophic Earth Changes, Vaccine Shedding & Eugenics, Aligning with The Heartbeat of the Earth, After-Session Conversation With Michelle, What Would An Ice Age Look Like?

MAY 2021

Revelations of Awareness 2021-5 Issue No. 781
The Awakening Below the Ice, Covid-19 Less of a Threat?, QAnon, New Stimulation Bill, Are We Servants of Loosh?, Cycling as a Means of Development & Growth, The Mystery of the Overtoun Bridge, Opening Yourself to the Dual Perspective, Who or What Really Reincarnates?, How Prayer Works, Releasing Trauma Debris, Allegations Against Governor Cuomo, Celebrities and Child Trafficking, Karma for Marx & Engels?, When a Life Form Departs the Body, Mercury in Ice Cream, Rewriting Your Genetic Code,
Rewriting Your Subconscious.

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COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as 'Channels' for the 'Heavenly Father' and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the 'New Age' of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of 'Readings' given through these various channels, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel what is the Truth. Cosmic Awareness will only 'indicate' and 'suggest'. Neither CAC or any of the Interpreters is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreters necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreters interpret the energies as they see them in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreters published herein have no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments and material, including illustrations. This is entirely the responsibility of the editor. Members of CAC are invited to send in questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication in this newsletter.