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Excerpt From Issue 79-7
Cosmic Awareness Readings On March 5th &amp 6th, 1979 | Paul Shockley Interpreter

The principles in this reading, taken to heart and practiced by CAC members and others back in 1979, may have helped Humanity avert Thermo Nuclear War. These principles hold just as True today as Humanity moves through another series of Choice Points that can lead to either Slavery and Annihilation or to Freedom and Ascension.


This Awareness indicates that the situation upon this plane, upon this planet, is that which is reaching the climactic stage, whereby forces are moving toward collision courses, and only high levels of attention, discernment, and the recognition of right action will prevent the chaotic effects which appear imminent. This Awareness indicates that this is not intended as a prediction of chaos, but as a statement of what is. This Awareness indicates that the discernment, attention, and recognition of right action may indeed move into the situation to prevent this chaos from occurring…

This Awareness indicates that entities wishing to assist in lessening the dangers may meditate and send healing light energies to the planet, this using the imagery whereby the planet is seen from a distance with light pulsations being programmed or imaged to lessen the danger…


This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who feel that the discussion of something of this nature is promoting negative images and is alien to spiritual energies… This Awareness indicates that entities can do more in ridding the world of alien forces by looking directly into the eye of the Beast – directly into the eye of the alien force, directly looking into the eye of the hurricane, the gathering storm, of the dangers which threaten, of the wolf outside the door. This Awareness indicates that in looking directly into the eye of the thing, entities can affect, through their attention, can affect the energies that drive and motivate the force. This Awareness suggests that you look at the negative without fear, and in your look that you transmute that negative slowly, carefully, with great vigor and force, toward the positive, toward the harmonious resolution. This Awareness indicates that ignoring dangers does not diminish the dangers. That facing the possibility and being prepared to confront the possibility allows you to have the courage to use your energies in a proper manner. And this proper manner, right action, is that which can be vital in times of chaos, and can turn the tide of battle, or the tide of events…


This Awareness indicates that during the lifetime of most entities upon this plane many have been controlled by the fear of death. Many have used the threat of death to control others. This Awareness suggests that 95% of all human affairs have been regimented and controlled because of a threat of death. This Awareness indicates that entities pursuing personal security at the expense of personal happiness, entities pursuing personal security at the expense of personal expression, entities pursuing personal security at the expense of others, entities pursuing personal security at the expense of freedom: these entities have been controlled in 95% of their activities by the fear of death. This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity does not have the fear of death, but whereby this is reversed, and an entity has only an approximate percentage of 5% fear of death and 95% desire to be free, to express, to serve others, to love others, to love life, such an entity is 95% free, and these entities are rare, but such entities are happy indeed.


…This Awareness indicates the purpose of Cosmic Awareness ministers, and the initiates and members in being informed is to assist in giving attention to these negative forces, and transmuting by that attention. This Awareness indicates attention is like the spotlight being shined on the force of darkness. Darkness cannot work its manipulative and deceptive deeds when the spotlight of attention has been placed upon it. Therefore it must take on a new face, and pretend to be friendly and nice, and in that pretentious action, if dwelled upon long enough, the force tends to become a reality of friendly and nice qualities.

This Awareness indicates there is great potential at present time for reconciling the forces of negativity and the forces of positivity, the forces of Lucifer and the forces of Christianity; the forces of Satan and the forces of humanity. That all of these various conflicting forces, having merged at this time to oppose one another, are in a position whereby a reconciliation is in order… This Awareness indicates it is possible that upon this plane,… the entire universe with its conflicting forces, the dark forces of the Satanists who seek to control the minds of others, the shadowy forces of the Luciferians who seek to use the energies of the others, the shiny faces of the Christians who seek to light a narrow, rigid path for others to follow, and the masses of humanity who move in and out of this tapestry. All of these forces within the universe in its various realms have much in common, particularly a desire to be free, to live, to share their values and themselves without being threatened or denied.

This Awareness indicates this as the basic need of every entity within the universe, that all other concepts and differences are secondary needs. Therefore, the threats which are caused by such secondary needs are unnecessary and inappropriate. This Awareness suggests that whereby entities become aware of this basic necessity of life, liberty, the desire for freedom and harmony with others, and begin building a society which respects these basic needs, then there can be peace and a common denominator between all forces. This Awareness indicates that in the meantime, entities must continue in their observation, giving attention to what is, whether or not they like the picture they see…

This Awareness indicates It did not create evil in the universe; that evil does not in fact exist. That evil is the result of the illusion of separateness, and therefore itself is an illusion. That the illusion of separateness has created entities who believe themselves to be apart from others and from the universe, and who enjoy the illusion of being separate because of the significance and power which separateness appears to give to them. This Awareness indicates that power also is an illusion, and all the accomplishments which accompany that power are illusions. This Awareness indicates that death itself is an illusion, and the fears which accompany the threats are but created by the illusion of separateness. For in the highest levels, entities cannot be destroyed, and therefore have nothing to fear except the various descriptive terms and identifications which they have created to describe themselves as being individual entities and separate from other forces.

This Awareness indicates that the illusion of separateness or individuality is that which has some value in creating a sense of purpose and being; but wherein this separateness is extended too far and infringes on the rights of others, this becomes a compounded illusion which results in that compounded expression which violates, and appears as evil in the universe. This Awareness indicates clear attention without fear pierces the illusion, and dissolves the appearance of evil and the force and illusion known as separateness. This Awareness suggests that the more entities look at the illusion of separateness, hiding behind the face of power, the more these faces will be exposed, and the more those who play the demons must come forth into the light of unity and rejoin the ranks of those who follow the Law of One…


…This Awareness suggests that those who have inclination toward prayer can do great things. Those who have inclination toward imaging and visualizing and sending light can do great things. This Awareness suggests that the healing techniques most effective are those which work through the process of changing consciousness.

This Awareness indicates that essentially the earth is being controlled by the mass-mind energy which surrounds the planet and emanates from the masses of consciousness. This Awareness suggests that wherein entities in large numbers look at the potential dangers without fear, and can begin to visualize the nations moving through these dangers without the nuclear war occurring, without the Battle of Armageddon, and without the Mark of the Beast being initiated. When enough entities can look at these energies and beyond toward a harmonious world, gradually moving consciousness from those negative images into images of greater beauty and joy, these entities can indeed begin to create an action which melts away the negative images and moves toward that which is the harmony desired. This Awareness indicates that the action of visualization not only effects the mass mind because of the participation of those entities involved in this, but also tends to create a movement which draws in the imaging and leads other entities’ visions to follow the same course. This Awareness indicates this as likened unto one who moves in light, creating a vacuum which sucks in others, who then follow behind.

This Awareness indicates that the healing program, the healing technique through visualization or prayer or meditation, is basically based upon that which was just given, the movement from the negative toward the positive. This Awareness indicates this can be referred to as imaging. That the action of prayer is one whereby entities put energy into a situation and gradually move into a level of faith that their prayers will be answered.

This Awareness indicates that those who do not wish to look at the negative in the first place do some good, but are only approximately 25% as effective as those who can look at the negative and then move from that to the positive…

This Awareness indicates that you continue seeking information, keeping abreast of events, and remember… that the future is never fixed; that consciousness is all that is, and consciousness can create or change forces which are in movement.


This Awareness indicates that following is a very important consideration for those who can see its implication: That the Law of Vibration states that any vibration which is sent out for good, for service increases into higher frequencies as it moves through space, until it returns to its origin, bringing the gifts of those higher frequencies. That forces drawing on vibration for selfish purposes of lust, power, and greed, drawing these forces into themselves, will receive vibrations that decrease in their frequency level, moving into lower frequencies as they enter into one’s being, requiring that the being needs another ‘fix’ of incoming vibration and energy, then another, and another, as though one were addicted. This Awareness indicates that magnetism, the drawing of energy, decreases the vibratory rate, while radiance, the giving forth of energy, increases its vibratory rate. That wherein entities radiate good, those energies increase into higher frequencies, and bring back good. Wherein entities send forth selfish energies, those energies bring back, as magnets, the lower vibratory forces.

This Awareness suggests that keeping this in mind, entities may use these vibrations in meditation, in visualization, in prayer, in their chants, in their situations, to increase the frequency levels of the vibrations in their lives, and in the world in general. This Awareness indicates the implications of this also explain why forces of darkness continually need to feed on the energies of others, because they never receive enough energy for themselves through the universal vibrations. This Awareness indicates that this also explains why forces of darkness will always lose in the end, for the force of love creates greater and great power for those who love, and the force of greed demands greater and greater power in order to survive…

(A Method To Use NOW To Keep It All From Happening)

This Awareness wishes to take entities on a mental voyage and stretch the areas of comprehension. This Awareness suggests you visualize a sphere of space, calling this sphere and all that is within, consciousness. This as a sphere of consciousness. This Awareness suggests that you examine this sphere of consciousness and notice that it is likened unto a kind of gelatin or plasma, being very thin and pliable. This Awareness suggests that you may also notice that wherein you and others focus or look toward this field of consciousness, an energy moves which tends to draw in a thickening action, causing the consciousness to collect around that point or that significance, the focal point on which you send your focus.

This Awareness suggests that you may examine those points of significance, those focal points, and observe that they appear to be more dense, more thick, likened unto gelatin that is beginning to set, or to harden or to crystallize. This Awareness suggests you now visualize this field of consciousness having many such points within it, wherein the fields, these focal points, have crystallized or are very thick and gelatin-like; and wherein other areas are very thin and spatial, whereby movement through those areas is without resistance; but movement through the thick, gelatin, crystallized areas becomes quite difficult, with great resistance.

This Awareness indicates this field of consciousness which has now been created as a model, can be used to describe many different experiences and realities. This field of consciousness with the thick globules and the thin spatial areas can be used to describe the nature of the universe, with its stars and matter, the planets, the various areas wherein focuses have created crystallized bodies.

This Awareness indicates that this field can also be used as a model for examining the nature of the human consciousness, the human mind. This Awareness suggests that using this model, equating the significant focal points crystallized and thickened in this model, to those thoughts, those images, these ideas that are crystallized and thickened within ones consciousness, entities can begin to recognize a similarity between their own belief systems and this model of consciousness.

This Awareness suggests that entities may also begin to examine the thick globule or the crystallized points while simultaneously examining their own belief focal points, their own concepts which are held as significant, and things which ‘matter’ to them. This Awareness indicates this model can allow entities to super-impose their values and beliefs upon these thick, crystallized areas in the model.

This Awareness suggests that the same action of applying the model to the mass consciousness is also appropriate, That you visualize using the model as a background for super-imposing mass consciousness values and significances upon, in order to see the similarity of the values of mass consciousness and that of the model. The crystallized points, the focal points in the model are seen in the mass consciousness as crystallized concepts and ideas which are solid, fixed, and ‘matter’.

This Awareness indicates in these applications one can see how consciousness, the field of consciousness can be seen in all areas, whether physical or mental, whether individual or in mass consciousness levels…

This Awareness now wishes entities to look again at the field of consciousness, the model. That in examining this field, certain areas have been crystallized by the focusing of energies into that area, causing a thickening of the consciousness, a thickening and a gelatin action to occur in those areas where the consciousness focused and the significance or point began to matter. This Awareness now wishes entities to visualize moving directly into the center point of the crystallized area, not looking at this area from outside, not focusing on the area, but as light itself; moving directly into the center of the focal point and being inside that point of significance, being inside that crystallized point within the field of consciousness. And from inside that point, turning up the amps of their being, turning into light and radiance, and radiating outward, giving attention in all directions, focusing in all directions at once, radiating outward and creating inwardly a vacuum, as you send energies in all directions from that point.

This Awareness suggests that this begins to dissolve the crystallized energies of that point in that field of consciousness, allowing that energy of that point to be spread in all directions throughout the field of consciousness. And in this manner, the essence of what existed in the crystallization is released into the field of consciousness, evenly scattered in all areas, dissipated into consciousness itself, the significance being wiped out entirely.

This Awareness indicates that this action which has just been described is the action which entities may use for all forms of magic, all forms of transmutation of negative energy into harmonious energies. This Awareness indicates that this action which has just been described, when understood completely, can be used for healing others at a distance, for healing your own illnesses, for healing the illnesses of the world, for dissipating negative forces, for changing activities which have been prophesied which are building for negative purposes, by changing these into other forms, other energies through the transmutation and the dispersing of those energies.

This Awareness Wishes You To Understand
The Profound Significance Of That Image Described Above
And To Practice This Action In Your Imaging And Meditations

This Awareness now wishes you to look again at the field of mass consciousness, and look at the negative forces within that field of mass consciousness which this Awareness has previously described: all of that energy which has been building upon the concept of the Mark of the Beast, this energy which has been in motion for hundreds, for thousands of years by thousands, by millions of people and their focusing, their minds, this concept of the Mark of the Beast wherein marks would be placed upon the hands and entities would be enslaved. This Awareness suggests you look at that field of energy called the mass mind, and locate within that field that concept which has been crystallizing around the ideas presented in the Book of Revelations about the Mark of the Beast, all of the energies and the technology and the manipulation and the political and secret efforts of entities to bring this about, all of the worry and talk and conversation of entities who concern themselves with this and speculate on what will happen. This Awareness suggests you look directly into that field of consciousness known as the mass mind and locate within that field the energies of that 666.

This Awareness asks that you now, when locating that energy, move your very being directly into the center of that energy, carrying with you the Divine Light. And from inside the most secret point within that energy, this Awareness asks you to begin radiating that light, begin radiating and spreading that light from that secret point outward. And as your light spreads and spreads and moves outward and radiates in all directions, that you begin visualizing the energies of the 666 as it begins to dissolve into the field of consciousness which created it in the first place.

This Awareness suggests that you repeat this action and sustain this action of radiating from inside the 666 outward, sending it outward as 999, in all directions, reversing the energies, not focusing upon the 666, but focusing from the 666 in all directions outward, toward 999, moving from the center out, rather than focusing from outside into the center.

This Awareness suggests in this manner you shall be an instrument in transmuting those energies of the Beast into light, and dissolving its power, and creating in its place freedom. This Awareness indicates that this method of transmutation may be used on all levels for those things which you desire to dissolve and transmute and dissipate. This Awareness suggests that this also can be used wherein an entity is ill and you visualize yourself moving into the heart of the illness and transmuting by radiating from that inner point outward, until the illness is seen to be totally dissolved… This Awareness wishes that entities begin using this in their lives on all levels, and in actions which will help to transmute the energies of the Beast as well as the potential for the nuclear war, and other illnesses of the mass mind.

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