Two Aquarian New Moon Super Moons???

With Mercury Retrograde In Between??? OMG!!!

Major Endings | Cleansings | Completions… Followed By New Beginnings…

Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1
@ 0 Degrees 8 Minutes
Occurred Only 3 1/2 Hours After The Sun Left Capricorn

Left: Sun Leaves Capricorn & Enters Aquarius, Tues 1/20/2015 @ 1:44 AM US PST
Right: Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1, Tues 1/20/2015 @ 5:12 AM US PST
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What Is A Super Moon?
Why Do These Two New Moon Super Moons Matter?

A Super Moon happens when the Moon Is Closest To The Earth and In Direct Alignment with The Sun And The Earth at the time of either a New Moon or a Full Moon, making it Super Potent!

  • The Two Aquarian New Moon Super Moons are the First Two New Moons of 2015.
  • Because they are Closer To Earth and In Direct Alignment with The Sun &amp The Earth, making them Super Moons, This Represents Up Close And Personal Super Charged Emotional Energy.
  • Prepare For Turbulent Tides In The Coming Days: within the Emotions Of Individuals, within the Thoughtforms Of Groups, and also within the Wave Forms Of Earth’s Oceans.

Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #2
@ 29 Degrees 59 Minutes
Occurs Just 3 Minutes Before The Sun Enters Pisces

Left: Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #2, Wed 2/18/2015 @ 3:46 PM US PST
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Aquarius is the Forward-Looking Sign of Independence, Innovation & Invention. It’s the energy of “Outside The Box” Thinking.

Aquarian Energy values Spontaneity, Authenticity, The Greater Good, Organizations, Groups, Humanitarian Causes, Friends, Technology & Equality.

Aquarius Is An Air Sign,
good at transmitting ideas and opportunities through social exchanges and technology, a mind-to-mind sort of sign, a sign of community. Aquarius represents the ability to be part of something greater than self.

Aquarian Energy Is Innovative And Unpredictable. It upsets the old order so that something new and fresh can enter. At its best, it helps uplift the collective consciousness to work together for a common cause and greater good.

Aquarius Is The Rebel, The Free-Thinker, The Genius, The Idealist, The Scientist. Its gift is Freedom and Truth, Freedom to think what we want to think and be who we are while at the same time giving everyone else those freedoms too.

These Two Aquarian New Moon Super Moons
Will Magnify The Impact Of Change Throughout 2015!

They will contribute to Setting The Tone For The Entire Year Ahead! 2015 will be A Year of Empowerment For Everyone Who Can Get Out Of Their Own Way!

Major Shake Up 5 Hours Before New Moon Super Moon #1:
On Jan 20th, Uranus, The Planet of Rebellion Associated With Aquarius,
Joined The Moon’s South Node, Opposite The Moon’s North Node,
At Exactly Midnight Pacific Time!

Why Does This Matter?

Right: Uranus Joins The Moon’s South Node Tue 1/20/2015 @ 12:00 AM US PST
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The Moon’s Nodes are the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the Ecliptic Plane. The Moon regularly crosses the Ecliptic Plane about twice a month.

The Ecliptic Plane is defined by Earth’s Orbit Around The Sun, and it gets its name, because An Eclipse Happens Only When A New Moon Or Full Moon Crosses That Plane.

A Solar Eclipse happens when a New Moon Crosses The Ecliptic Plane, causing the Moon to block the light of the Sun from reaching Earth.

A Lunar Eclipse happens when a Full Moon Crosses The Ecliptic Plane, causing Earth to block the light of the Sun from reaching the Moon.

The Moon’s North Node is where the Moon Crosses The Ecliptic Plane Moving From South To North as viewed from Earth. In Hindu astrology, it is called The Dragon’s Head.

The Moon’s South Node is where the Moon Crosses The Ecliptic Plane Moving From North To South as viewed from Earth. In Hindu astrology, it is called The Dragon’s Tail.

The Moon’s Nodes, Always Exactly Opposite One Another, Form An Axis Of Polarity

The North Node Is The Place Of Untapped Potential, where energies need to be redirected in order to Gain New Insight, Improve And Grow.

The South Node Is The Default Comfort Zone, where ingrained attitudes, behaviors and habit patterns reside, Including Those That Are Detrimental And No Longer Serve The Greater Good, Representing A Point Of Stagnation.

The Moon’s Nodes Travel Backward Through The Signs
They entered Libra(North)/Aries(South)in March of 2014
For A Stay Until November Of 2015

The Libra(North)/Aries(South) Axis Is About Peace Vs War
About Rule Of Law Vs Mob Rule

Uranus deals with surprise and all things unexpected, innovative, unpredictable, resourceful, imaginative, idiosyncratic and experimental. The Natural Sign Of Uranus Is Aquarius, The Sign Of Our Two Aquarian New Moon Super Moons.

Uranus currently traveling through Aries, joining with the South Node, represents an overwhelming urge to radically and suddenly break free from the past and release ingrained attitudes, behaviors and habit patterns. But It Also Represents Impulsivity, Restlessness And Conflict As A Means To Deal With Situations That Are Better Resolved With Grace, Harmony, Compromise And Collaboration, Represented By The North Node, Which Is In Libra.

In our everyday lives, in society over the next few weeks, Uranus on the Aries South Node can be explosive, because Aries “The Warrior Sign” At Its Worst – on the South Node – Defaults To War Fighting And Blowing Things Up!

Aries Is The Warrior, Libra The Peacemaker And The Law Maker, the way forward is through Peace. The way backward is through Arian War And Libran Reaction To War, Which Would Be Martial Law And The Police State!

This Means That Each And Every One Of Us Needs To Be Very Aware Of Our Shadows From The Past, As We Set Our Intentions For What We Want Create In The Future.

Mercury Retrograde Is Always A Time To Rethink, Review And Revise The Past. With Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius, we each have a momentous opportunity to choose something new and different, But Only Complete Awareness And Understanding Of Our Shadows From The Past, Both On A Personal And On A Societal Level, Will Allow Us To See Clearly Enough To Choose And Create Wisely, Which Will Allow Each Of Us To Take Full Advantage Of The The Radical Shifts That Will Be Available To Us Now.

Uranus Joining The South Node Of The Moon???
5 Hours Before Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1???
1 Day Before Mercury Goes Retrograde??? OMG!!!

With Mercury in the same sign as Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1 coming to a grinding halt, then going Retrograde the next day, this Time Period Between Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1 on January 20th & Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #2 on February 18th is about Examining And Clearing Out Those Shadows Of The Past That Keep Holding Us Back, Before We Can Truly Move Into The Future.

Left: Mercury Stations Retrograde In Aquarius, Wed 1/21/2015 @ 7:43 AM US PST
Right: Mercury Stations Direct In Aquarius, Wed 2/11/2015 @ 6:53 AM US PST
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Mercury’s 1st Retrograde Of 3 In 2015, Taking Place Entirely Within Aquarius, Makes It A Time Reflect On The Aquarian Themes &amp Issues.

NOTE That All 3 Retrogrades Of 2015 Occur In Air Signs:
Aquarius In Late January & Early February, Gemini In Late May & Early June, And Libra In Late September & Early October. This, combined with the Moon’s Nodes Being On The Libra(North)/Aries(South) Axis For Most Of 2015…

…Means That It’s Wise To Be Especially Careful To Watch What We Think And Say.

The Choice We Are Faced With Is To Either Lash Out At Each Other In Fear And Anger Or To Find Ways To Communicate That Are Healing, And Also Truthful.

During This Mercury Retrograde Time Period Between January 21st & February 11th…

…it’s wise to objectively observe the internal workings of your mind, and then check in with your heart before communicating your ideas to others, to be especially deliberate in deciding what to say and do.

Communication & Information Sharing are likely to Slow Down & Even Stall.

View Any Resulting Gaps as opportunities to contemplate new ideas and thoughts .

View Any Resulting Challenges as opportunities for growth.

Keep Ego On A Short Leash And Live From Soul, because 3D Every Day Mundane Reality won’t always work as expected.

This Is A Great Time Period To Set Aside
What We THINK We Should Do In Order To Make The Space
To Tune Into What Life Is REALLY Calling On Us To Do

It’s a time to chart a new life path by listening to intuition, a time for innovative change and transformation, and for unconventional approaches to life situations, a time to stretch ourselves by opening to new ideas and addressing the needs of Our Evolving Authentic Selves.

This Time Period After Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1 Followed By Mercury Retrograde, Until Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #2 On February 18th, Is Best Used To Clear, Plan, Vision And Focus On What Changes To Make That Will Improve The Overall Quality Of Our Lives.

This Is A Period To Innovate, But Also To Relax, Slow Down And Look Within For Answers.

It’s A Time To Avoid Letting Negative Ego Hold Us Back From Our Dreams.

It’s A Time To Be Patient With Delay And Get Creative. If A Door Closes, Find A Window And Climb Out!

This is a good time to make any needed changes related to getting unstuck, to taking back our power from self sabotage.

It’s a time to approach any challenges with new solutions, to be open to fresh insights and approaches that don’t fit into our traditional, conventional comfort zones of the past.

We are all creatures of comfort who like predictable routines. But those routines can also cause stagnation that prevents us from moving forward.

Which Areas Of Our Lives Need To Be To Be Reinvented Right Now?
Where Are We Most Stuck In A Rut?

Each Of Us Can Use Our Own Natal Astrological Charts To Find The House Or Houses Where Aquarius Is Located. That Will Be A Good Indicator Of Which Area Of Life Needs To Be Revamped & Where Change Is Likely To Occur.

Each of the twelve houses of a natal astrological chart rules a certain area of life
as summarized in the diagram above.

The Message Of The Two Aquarian New Moon Super Moons:
All Power Is In The Choices You Make Today
In “The Eternal Moment Of Now”

The Two Aquarian New Moon Super Moons With Mercury Retrograde In Between Remind Us That We Are All The Creators Of Our Lives, And That The Change We Want To See In Our Lives Begins Within.

This Time Period After Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #1 While Mercury Is Retrograde is the a time to deal with and complete any necessary shadow work, in order to initiate and plant symbolic seeds in the subconscious That Will Grow And Begin To Clearly Manifest With Aquarian New Moon Super Moon #2.

Think Wisely, Act Consciously, And Set Masterful Intentions with an eye toward Completion On Or After The 18th of February,

New Beginnings Well Envisoned And Well Planted Now, And Then Launched Full Force On Or After The 18Th Of February Will See The Most Excellent Results!

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Follow The Links Above To Order PDF Back Issues,

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