How Do I Enter This World of Pushing Against Without Losing Myself?

A politician asks, “How do I enter this world of pushing against without losing myself. How do I apply, or adhere to the Teachings of Abraham and the laws of the universe, when my desire is to help write the laws of man?”

“You cannot be one who is pushing against and be in the state of allowing at the same time.”

“We are certainly not teaching inaction, but we are teaching getting into the Vortex or becoming a vibrational equivalent to the Vortex, so that the action is inspired action.”

“We, like you, see Congress primarily in a place of acting without inspiration. They are not acting from their alignment. They’re acting from their defensiveness. They’re acting from their worry. They’re acting from their shortage consciousness.”

“You’ve got to accept them as they are, not condemn them as they are, not push against them as they are, but understand them as they are….”

From All Things Abraham:
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